7 Trends Followed By E-Commerce Industries in India

In the last few years, the e-commerce industry has seen huge growth as a lot of people have started shopping online. People are finding shopping online much easier than offline markets. In the online marketplace, consumers get both variety and convenience. Even though the number of online consumers is increasing day by day it has been observed that the e-commerce industry is facing difficulty in acquiring new buyers. Therefore, e-commerce industries are adopting new trends to attract more online buyers.

Here are the top 7 trends followed by the e-commerce industries.

1. Dropshipping
2. Voice Search
3. Chatbots
4. Mobile
5. D2C Model
6. Video Content
7. Social Media


One of the attractive ideas in the e-commerce business is Dropshipping. In dropshipping, the retailer provides a platform to the customer in which the customer can go through various products from different suppliers. In this process, if any buyer wants to purchase something he or she is sent to either wholesaler or company itself. The products have even become cheaper because of dropshipping as everybody is competing for buyers on the same website.


Voice search is one of the best features of the e-commerce industry. With this feature, people don’t have to search for any particular product by scrolling down or typing in the search box. This feature not just makes online shopping convenient but also minimizes the time in searching. All the customers have to just give voice commands for the products they wish to purchase.


Chatbots is one of the amazing trends of e-commerce websites in 2020. Chatbots are automated programs that have made the purchasing process simpler and solve customer queries with ease. They provide real-time answers to the queries of customers. Chatbots are extremely helpful in improving the productivity of online store owners. Now, customers don’t have to wait for hours to get a response from an online website.


Nowadays, nearly everyone has a personal mobile phone. It has been observed that about 80% of buyers do online shopping with their mobile phones. Not just shopping they even search for products on Google on their smartphones. This clearly shows the impact of mobile phones on the e-commerce market. Ultimately the buyers want simplicity and availability which they are getting from mobile phones. So, if the e-commerce websites want to earn revenue they have to make their website mobile-friendly.


It has been observed that maximum manufacturers and customers prefer trading with one another rather than taking the help of a mediator. As in this way, the company gets more profit and the buyers also get the products at a better price. So, to make sure this, manufacturers are using D2C or Direct to Client trend. In this trend, once the product is available the buyer can directly order the product from the manufacturer. So, in this process both parties get benefits.


Nowadays, because of the busy schedule buyers don’t have time to read the huge description for understanding the product. As a result of which various products on online shopping websites remain unsold because people don’t know about them. To get rid of such a situation, e-commerce websites are creating videos to promote products. These types of videos are short but they give detailed information about the product to the users. This trend is gaining huge popularity in India and as a result of which most shopping websites are following this trend.


In today’s competitive world social media is the one that can surely have a positive impact on both sales and the searches done on your website. Social media keeps you informed about all the trending news in any corner of the world. Nowadays, most people use social media and use it to share their experiences. The social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have a huge number of followers and this is the reason why online shopping websites are using them to grow their businesses. It is extremely easy to sell product through social media, the shopping websites just have to provide a link which directly leads to the merchant’s website. Even some social media apps allow buyers to view and pay for the product directly from the app. The social media trend is experiencing huge progress day by day.


After reading the above information you must have understood that there are a lot of e-commerce trends that have evolved in India over the past few years. The reason behind adopting these trends is to improve customers’ satisfaction and the functioning of an e-commerce website. The social media platform is the finest of all as it will not just provide you various customers but also increase your sales. So, if you want to boost your e-commerce website and increase the number of searches these trends can help you with that.

16 Nov 2020

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