9 Must-Have Stationery for Your Kids Before School Starts

Going back to school after a long vacation becomes a challenging situation for both kids and parents. But this time kids are at home for almost a year because of the pandemic. Whenever things will become normal and kids will resume school, there might be a situation where some kids will be excited to go to school while some will be nervous because of the change in routine. So, it’s your responsibility to make your kids comfortable in their school after a long gap in the routine.


You have to create a checklist for your kids’ important things like immunization, completion of homework, arranging books & notebooks, essential stationery and more. All of these tasks are fun only if they are completed on a timely basis. Make sure you plan everything almost 1 week before the school reopens. Purchasing the right stationery at the beginning of the year can help you avoid running for the stationery throughout the year. Here are the ten stationery items that you should purchase for your kids before their school reopens. These stationery items might give them a fresh excitement to go back to school.  


1. Stationery Kit




These days, basic stationery kits are available in the market for convenience. These types of kits contain all the essential items like pencils, pens, ruler and erasers. These kits are even imprinted with kids’ favourite cartoon characters including Superman, Hello Kitty, Doraemon and Disney princess. Kids love carrying these kits to school.


2. Sharpener




Children generally have the habit of sharpening pencils frequently. They even litter pencil shavings everywhere. To get rid of this mess you can purchase a tub sharpener for your kids as it comes with a container at the bottom that collects all the shavings and makes it easy to dispose of.


3. Scissors




Almost every parent is worried about their kids using scissors. But, don’t worry there are child-safe scissors available in the market. These types of scissors are great for kids interested in craftwork.


4. Sketch Pens




Every kid requires sketch pens not just for drawing but also for some other decorating tasks. You can purchase a connector pen set of 50 shades and there are chances that it will last for the whole year.


5. Crayons




Nowadays, parents prefer to buy twistable crayons for their kids as these types of crayons did not need to be sharpened. The kids can use the crayons just by twisting the barrel ends. 24 colours set can be a one-time purchase for a year.


6. Geometry Box 




One of the important stationeries that you need to purchase for your older kids is the geometry box. Rather than purchasing all the geometry tools separately, you can purchase a geometry box. It includes a compass, divider, protractor and 2 set squares.


7. Correction Pen




Correction pens are quite common in older kids nowadays. These pens are great to cover mistakes in pen written work. The ventilated cap of this pen is safe for the kids.  


8. Glue




No craftwork is complete without cutting and pasting. You can purchase a pack of 5 fevisticks which is enough to last for a year.


9. Paintbrush




Almost every kid loves doing painting so giving them paintbrushes of different sizes will surely improve their work. You can purchase a set of wooden paintbrushes for your kids.


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19 Mar 2021

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