House Cleaning Tips – Get Your Home Ready For Diwali

Diwali is the time to celebrate the happiness and embrace love & togetherness with our loved ones. Streets filled with colours and lights, snacks & sweets, exchanging gifts is the common sight in Diwali. During Diwali, everyone in their houses prays Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha to bring good luck, happiness and prosperity in their lives. People believe that Goddess Laxmi will come only to the houses that are well-cleaned and decorated. So, to help you get your house ready for Diwali we have come up with some valuable tips.


Kitchen cleaning tools

During Diwali, you will be cooking lots of delicious dishes for your family and friends and for that maintaining proper cleanliness in your kitchen is a must. Start cleaning your kitchen by throwing old and expired ingredients & equipment that you haven’t used for years. After this, clean all your shelves and cabinets with detergent and cloth. Put a label on the items for easy identification. The items, which you use daily, keep them on the drawer or cabinet which is easily accessible. Make use of hooks and dish racks to organize your cutlery, dishes, mugs and others. Take everything out from your fridge and clean it with a cleaning liquid and cloth. 


Bedroom Cleaning tips

Always start cleaning from the top of the room. For example, start by cleaning the cobweb on the walls or roof, dust on the fan, windows and others. After that, move your furniture and wipe off the dust from the floor. Wash all the fabrics in your room including curtains, bed sheets, pillow covers, rugs and others. Clean all the window glasses with a glass wiper or soft cloth. Keep all your quilts, cushions and pillow in sun to remove the damp smell or dust mites, if any. Organize your wardrobe by sorting the clothes you don’t wear and donating them to someone needy.  

Living Room

Living Room Cleaning Tips

This room often gets dirty easily as it is one of the most used rooms in the house. Start by gathering things that are not at their desired places and put them back at their respective places. Clean the ceiling fan and walls. After that, remove all the curtains, draperies and wash them. Clean the door, windows, decorative items and others. Finally, clean the entire floor using a good quality of microfibre mop so there are no stains on your floor after cleaning.


Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Make your shelves empty by removing all the items – shampoos, soaps, scrubs, body washes, toothbrushes and others. Then, clean the shelves with a cleaning liquid. Pour the toilet cleaner in the insides of the WC and allow it to sit for some time. By the time, clean all the faucets, shower head, mirror and taps in your bathroom. Finally, scrub the tiles and floor using a disinfectant.

Cleaning Walls

Cleaning Walls Cleaning Tips

Cleaning all the walls of the house can be a tough task especially if the paint is not easy-to-clean. If you have kids or pets in your house then there are more chances of walls getting dirty. Clean your walls with a soft sponge dipped in the washing liquid. If the walls are too dirty to be cleaned with a liquid, go for repainting.  

Don’t forget the house exteriors!

Your house exterior is the first impression of the visitors. So, if it needs to be repaired then don’t ignore it. If you want to paint your house go for the paints that stay the same for years and you don’t have to paint your house every year.  

Once the entire cleaning of your house is done, start doing your Diwali decorations. It has been believed that the bright lights during Diwali removes the darkness and brings happiness and prosperity to your house. Hang lights and lanterns on the doors & windows and decorate every corner of the house with diyas. Make rangolis at the entrance to welcome the guests. The decoration of the house should not be limited to lights and lanterns but also revive your sense of smell in a lovely way. Therefore, make your house smell good with fresh flowers, scented candles, room spray and others. Hope the above tips will be helpful for you to clean your home thoroughly. Diwali or No Diwali house cleaning doesn’t harm anyone!!



28 Oct 2020

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