How to Assemble & Use Magic Spin Mop for Cleaning Home & Office?

No more bending down or getting your hands dirty while mopping the floors. The old traditional method of mopping and cleaning is not only a tedious task but also cause back and knee pain. Mopping is one of the important household chores that can’t be neglected at any cost. With the growth of technology a variety of advanced mopping equipment are also available in market. 360° Spin Mops are the example of the advanced mopping equipment. These mops works like magic and makes your cleaning and mopping tasks hassle-free.


Here are a few advantages of using Spin Mops for cleaning.

 1. Trouble-Free Cleaning

The spin mops comes with telescopic handle that allows you to clean difficult corners of the house without bending. Other than this you don’t have to lift heavy bucket for cleaning as the bucket in the mop comes with two wheels at the bottom for easy movement.     

 2. No Need to Worry About Floor Damage

The mop head is designed with high-quality microfibre that doesn’t leave any scratches on your floor. It can be used on any kind of floor including tiles, marble, vinyl, wood, etc. You can even use this for cleaning the car. 

 3. Saves Water

If we talk about old traditional mops they used consume a large amount of water. Even the water gets spilled on the floor while washing the cloth mop. In magic spin mop no water is spilled on the floor. Also, its super spin system wrings out the water from the head completely.

 4. No Electricity Required

There are various types of cleaning equipment available in market that requires electricity to operate. But with this mop you don’t have to worry about that. No electricity is required to operate this mop.




In a spin mop you will get a bucket, mop head and handle which is divided into three parts. So, start assembling each part one by one. Let’s take a look at the step by step procedure to assemble the mop.



Step 1: First, put one piece of the handle into the other.



Step 2: Then, rotate the handle in clockwise direction to tighten it. You can also check if the handle is attached properly by pulling the handle with your hands.



Note: Attach all the pieces of the handle in a similar way.


Step 3: Now, to assemble the head and refill together push the plastic head on the microfibre refill until you hear a click sound.



Step 4: Finally, attach the mop head to handle. Your mop is ready to use.





Now, after knowing how to assemble the spin mop you must want to know the procedure of using this mop. Given below is the step by step procedure of using the spin mop.



Step 1: First, fill the bucket with water and add some cleaning solution to it, if required.


Note: Make sure that the bucket is not filled with excess water as too much water can spill on the floor while wringing the mop head.



Step 2: Now, dip the mop head in water and then put it in the drying basket to wring out the water completely.


Note: The process of wringing varies according to the brand like in some mops you have to press the mop handle for squeezing water while in some you have to pedal.



Step 3: Repeat the step 1 and 2 every time you want to rinse the mop.



So, what is stopping you? Get magic spin mop for your home or office today. And, the best part is you can easily find these mops on online shopping websites and that too at discounted prices. There you can even check the reviews of the mop before buying.   


19 Nov 2020

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