10 Best House Cleaning Tools and Equipment Online in 2021

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness” is an adage that has been in the rounds. A clean mind and soul are definitely essential for well-being, but a clean house or clean space accentuates a clean mind and soul. Based on various studies, it has been found that a clean house has been found to reduce anxiety, increase productivity and creativity, and leads to a better life. So if you are moving to a new place or want to cleanse and renew your space by rigorous house cleaning, we have compiled a list of the best house cleaning tools and equipment to give your house a dazzle and instill a new life in them.


1. Multi-Functional Cleaning Brush


Multi-Functional Cleaning Brush

From removing those stubborn water strains to rust, a multi-functionality brush is a must-have in your cleaning kit. This brush can be used for washing taps, tiled walls, sinks, bathtubs, and various other components. The UC MAGIC BRUSH is one brush that can be utilized for these purposes and the best part about it, is it is fully automatic, reducing your workload and efforts. This magic brush comes with 3 interchangeable brush heads. The soft sponge brush is recommended for cleaning soft surfaces or fragile objects, the polyester Sherpa brush is suitable when cleaning cushions, sofas, and carpets, and lastly, the hard Nylon Brush is used for the kitchen, tub, tiles. So order these amazing house cleaning accessories and give your kitchen and bathroom a new look.


2) Spin Scrubber


Spin Scrubber

A spin scrubber is a potent tool beneficial for any person having rheumatic or bone disorder. The UC Electric Spin Scrubber Machine is one such scrubber capable of 300 scrubs per minute, effortlessly removing grime, water, and strains within seconds. This equipment can be recharged and is cordless, making it user-convenient equipment. It also has various peripherals which can be fitted for cleaning various surfaces. The phenomenal features of this tool make it find a spot in the best house cleaning tools.


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3) Sink Cleaning Drain Plunger

Sink Cleaning Drain Plunger

The kitchen drain may be clogged due to vegetable peels and other debris, which can cause a nightmare if the drainage is completely blocked. So a sink cleaning drain plunger is a perfect solution in times of dire need. The application of this product is quite easy, you can simply insert this tool and remove any garbage.


4) Silicone Gloves


Silicone Gloves

The harsh cleaning supplies and detergents used for cleaning can take a toll on your skin, so to prevent any damage or skin ailment, it is a wise choice to wear silicon gloves while cleaning. This Silicon Glove is durable and can be cleaned easily. Also, this glove is elastic and can easily fit all shapes and sizes.


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5) Microfiber Cloths


Microfiber Cloths

Keeping in handy some microfiber cloths is always handy. This piece of equipment is useful to clean not-so-rough strains and also doesn’t leave scratches on the surface.


6) Microfiber Short Sleeve Cleaning Glove


Microfiber Short Sleeve Cleaning Glove

To wipe and dust fragile and soft surfaces, it is also advisable to use a microfiber short sleeve cleaning glove. The UC microfiber short sleeve cleaning glove is a piece of easy-to-use equipment, which has a multitude of microfibers, giving a meticulous clean. The ultra-absorbent fibers are capable of reaching farfetched corners and can also be used to dunk in detergent solvent for an all-around cleanse.


7) Sponge



Nothing can beat the utility of a good sponge. There are various variants available in the market which can help you remove grime and marks.


8) Windshield Cleaning Kit


Windshield Cleaning Kit

The glass surfaces need a thorough cleaning as even one speck of dust can hamper the aesthetics. Keeping in mind how important and time-consuming glass surface cleaning is, we have included this product in the best cleaning supplies. The Windshield cleaning kit by UC comes with a soft handle, that lets you give a fastidious wash to your windows and glass cabinets, without taking a toll on your health. This Windshield Cleaning Kit comes with 2 reusable heads which are budget-friendly as well. So coruscate mirrors, windows, and various glass surfaces in your house using UC Deluxe Windshield.


9) Mopping Set


Mopping Set

A housecleaning set is incomplete without a good mopping kit. The Spin Floor Cleaning Easy Bucket PVC Mop with 2 Microfiber Heads has 360 degrees spin, which is easy to use and reaches every nook and corner. Give a rest to your back and hands, and get a holistic clean by using this equipment.


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10) Toothbrush


Some minute strains can be erased by using a toothbrush. You can use any old toothbrush for cleaning purposes. Before you use an old toothbrush, ensure you disinfect it for your cleaning any tough spots. If you do not have a spare one, you can also purchase a new one for it.


These were our tops picks for house cleaning tools and equipment. These tools shall renew the look of your house. If you are seeking an online shopping site to purchase these items, do try Hokosoko. At HokoSoko, you can find a range of cleaning products along with various other ranges of products from home decor, & furnishing, etc.


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