Best Small Home & Kitchen Appliances Online in 2021

Big appliances may look fancy but they can be unmanageable if you don’t have much space or big family. For small or nuclear families, small home & kitchen appliances can be extremely helpful. From cutters, grinders, food warmers to mini washing machine and sewing machine, these small home and kitchen appliances find their way in everybody’s home. 


We have curated a list of the best small home & kitchen appliances in 2021.


Table of Contents:

• Copper No Shell Egg Cooker

• Microwave Potato Cooking Bag

• Multifunctional Egg Cutter

• Garlic Press Cutter

• Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser

• Cordless Light Switch

• Stainless Steel Barbeque Grill

• Portable Tea Candle Warmer

• Electronic Mosquito Killer Machine

• Matka Mixer Grinder

• Handheld Sewing Machine

• Capsule Cutter

• Mini Washing Machine

• Apple Peeler

• Juicer & Blender

• Power Free Hand Blender

• Water Faucet Tap

• Electric Water Heating Faucet



1. Copper No Shell Egg Cooker


Copper No Shell Egg Cooker


The No Shell Egg Cooker is a great appliance for any kitchen. It is perfect for cooking soft, medium and hard boiled eggs without sticking to the surface. This egg cooker is extremely lightweight and can be easily carried while travelling. It comes with 4 individual egg boilers for ease. For cooking soft to medium boiled eggs it takes 4–6 minutes and for hard-boiled eggs it takes 15 minutes approx.




• Heat-resistant up to 850° F
• Manufactured with non-toxic materials
• Cooks eggs just like in the shell
• Lightweight & Portable


2. Microwave Potato Cooking Bag


Microwave Potato Cooking Bag


Get deliciously baked potatoes in just 5–6 minutes with this Microwave Potato Cooking Bag. You just have to keep the potatoes in the bag and put it in the microwave. This bag can cook 4 potatoes at a time. Cleaning is also very simple as you can clean the bag in the washing machine.




• Insulation design
• Cooks all types of potatoes
• Gives you delicious and fluffy potatoes
• Can also be used for cooking corn in the cob, bread and tortillas


3. Multifunctional Egg Cutter


Multifunctional Egg Cutter


A great solution for attractively shaped egg slices. This Multifunctional Egg Cutter can cut eggs in two different shapes. It is perfect for cutting hard-boiled eggs, preparing chef style salads, cutting soft fruits like strawberry and kiwi. The foldable design of the cutter makes it easy to carry while travelling.




• Stylish and sleek egg slicer
• Food-grade plastic & stainless steel
• Non-slip design


4. Garlic Press Cutter


Garlic Press Cutter


The Garlic Press Cutter comes with two replaceable blades?—?one for slicing and the other for dicing mincing. It has a storage space at the bottom for storing the chopped garlic. It not just reduces the effort in chopping garlic but also keeps your hands free from smell. The blades are sharp enough to chop garlic in seconds.




• Food-grade ABS plastic body and stainless steel blades
• Compact & lightweight design
• Dishwasher-safe
• No mess and no slips
• Comfortable grip while chopping


5. Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser


 Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser


Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser is a must-have item for every home. It is designed with infrared hand-sense technology that can dispense soap just by sensing your hands. You can use this battery-operated dispenser for dispensing soap as well as lotions and sanitizers. It is very simple to use; just place the hands underneath the nozzle and it will automatically dispense the soap.




• Water-resistant & rustproof material
• Mess-free refilling
• Easy to install anywhere
• Works on 4 x AAA batteries


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6. Cordless Light Switch


Cordless Light Switc

Get super bright night light with this Cordless Light Switch. It looks like an ordinary switch but does not need any electrical wiring. You can take this switch to any location. Just peel off the sticker and stick the switch to any surface. The switch automatically adjusts the brightness according to the surrounding light.




• Built-in super bright LED’s
• Adhesive for easy installation
• Shockproof and water-resistant
• Powered by 3 x AAA battery
• Suitable for both indoors and outdoors


7. Stainless Steel Barbeque Grill


Stainless Steel Barbeque Grill


Stainless Steel Barbeque Grill is designed with a non-stick coating so that the food don’t stick to the surface. It distributes the heat evenly and gives you the most original flavor of barbeque. The heat-resistant wooden handle of the grill makes it easy to hold as well as protects you from the heat generated from the grill.




• Chrome & nickel plated steel
• Lockable grill for easy grilling
• Compact & lightweight
• Portable


8. Portable Tea Candle Warmer


Portable Tea Candle Warmer


This Portable Tea Candle Warmer has an elegant design and uses tea candles to operate. So, you don’t need power supply to operate this warmer. It is designed with an aluminium that distributes the heat evenly and saves you from refilling candles.




• Sturdy & long-lasting
• Occupies little space
• Suitable for both indoors and outdoors


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9. Electronic Mosquito Killer Machine


Electronic Mosquito Killer Machine


Now, you can kill mosquitoes without using harmful sprays or pesticides. Electronic Mosquito Killer Machine is noiseless and will not disturb your sleep. It is one of the simple and safest solutions for killing mosquitoes. Get this mosquito killer machine to prevent deadly diseases like dengue, malaria and others.




• Compact & lightweight design
• Can also be used as night light
• Kills mosquitoes within 20 sq. metres


10. Matka Mixer Grinder


Matka Mixer Grinder


Matka Mixer Grinder is must-have appliance for your kitchen. It comes with 2 stainless steel jars for easy grinding experience. You can use it for both wet and dry grinding. The jars of the grinder are designed with airtight lid to ensure secure locking while grinding.




• ABS plastic body & stainless steel jars
• Modern & lustrous design
• Motor overload protection


11. Handheld Sewing Machine


Handheld Sewing Machine


Hem your clothes at home with Handheld Sewing Machine. This mini sewing machine is perfect for small and emergency repairs. Suitable for materials like denim, silk, wool and others.




• Durable & long-lasting
• Suitable for both beginners and masters in sewing
• Small enough to fit in hands


12. Capsule Cutter


Capsule Cutter


Now, perform your cutting, chopping and crushing tasks with this Capsule Cutter. No electricity is required to operate this cutter; you just have to press the top button and it works effectively. The capsule cutter is designed with sharp stainless steel blades and super-fast motor for breaking down the food completely.




• Eco-friendly material
• Stylish & attractive design
• Easy to operate
• 4 powerful blades


13. Mini Washing Machine


Mini Washing Machine


Mini Washing Machine is a highly economic and user-friendly way of washing clothes. It doesn’t charge high electricity fees like traditional washing machines. It cleans the clothes uniformly and also prevents them from wear and tear.




• High-quality shockproof material
• Washes 4–5 clothes at a time
• Double speed motor for less power consumption


14. Apple Peeler


Apple Peeler


Make your apple peeling task extremely easy with this Apple Peeler. It is designed with ultra-sharp rustproof blades to give you an easy peeling and cutting experience. The peeler is equipped with a slicer that allows to cut the fruit into 8 equal pieces in no time.




• Durable & rustproof blades
• Integrated spike holder & 4 suction-grip feet for stability
• Works in seconds


15. Juicer & Blender Bottle


Juicer & Blender Bottle


Portable Juicer & Blender Bottle is great for making shakes, juices and smoothies. It has a lightweight design and can be easily carried anywhere. With this blender you can enjoy a cup of fresh juice anytime and anywhere.




• One key operation
• Built-in rechargeable battery
• Lightweight design


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16. Power Free Hand Blender


Power Free Hand Blender


Now, you don’t have to use mixer grinder for small tasks like beating eggs, making lassi. With this Power Free Hand Blender you can blend almost anything. It is designed with a heavy gear system that does not require electricity to operate. Perfect for beating eggs, cream, liquidizing soup, baby food, butter milk and others.




• Sturdy & durable
• Multipurpose usage
• Dishwasher safe


17. Water Faucet Tap


Water Faucet Tap


The Water Faucet Tap is designed with two working modes one offers filtered water and the other offers unfiltered water. You can simply switch between the modes according to your requirements. It effectively removes the chlorine, contaminants and unpleasant taste from the water and gives you clean drinking water. It can be mounted to any standard tap.




• Can filter around 400 gallons of water
• Comes with connectors for easy mounting
• Each filter cartridge lasts for 3 months


18. Electric Water Heating Faucet


Electric Water Heating Faucet


No need to wait for long to get hot water. Electric Water Heating Faucet gives you hot water in just seconds. This faucet can easily fit in any sink in the bathroom, kitchen, office, gym and other places. It has been built with insulation between the electric and water sections for safety.




• Hot water in just 3–5 seconds
• Eco-friendly temperature-resistant ABS plastic
• Comes with temperature display
• Sturdy & heat-resistant




Small Home & Kitchen Appliances are quite useful for nuclear families, single-living, camping and even travelling. These versatile appliances are even perfect for the beginners in handling household chores. We hope that the above list of the best small home & kitchen appliances in 2021 will help you buy some appliances for your home.


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