Top Most Trending Products You can Sell Online in 2021

You must be aware of the fact that to get success in the e-commerce industry, simply having products in the store is not enough you need to know about the products in-demand and the skills to market them. That is why we have created a list of trending products in India that you can sell in 2021. This list will surely help you to find the best product for your store.




Looking to sell trendy beauty products? The demand for face scrub is greatly increasing in the past few years. According to the search data from Keyword Surfer, the term scrub receives 40500 searches per month, face scrubber receives 18100 searches per month, exfoliator receives 33100 searches per month and scrubber for face receives 18100 searches per month.



On YouTube, the top 10 videos for “face scrub” are seeing an average of 4M views – with topics ranging from how to use a face scrub to how to create face scrub. You can even run ads for the face scrubs on Facebook to increase your sales quickly. Another sustainable way to increase sales is to create a profile on Instagram and post content related to face scrubs.


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Having stylish and designer nails are quite popular among the youth these days and because of that, the demand for nail polish is growing rapidly. As per research, it is being expected that the nail polish market will reach $15.6 billion by 2024. The increase in the number of people visiting salons for nail art has created a positive impact on the sale of nail polish. Some nail polish brands are even using natural contents for preparing nail polishes.



As per the data in Keyword Surfer, the term nail paint receives 33100 searches per month and nail art receives 135000 searches per month.


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The reusable water bottles are also quite trendy. As per the data in Google trends, the sale of reusable water bottles has been steadily increased. It shows that adding this product to your online store would be extremely beneficial. The threat As compared to the old times, nowadays people are more concerned about their health and therefore they are leaning towards a healthy lifestyle.



The data in Keyword Surfer shows the search volume for “water bottles” is 90500 searches per month, “bottle” is 74000 searches per month, “Milton bottle” is 33100 searches per month and copper bottle is “27100” searches per month.


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Whether you practice Yoga indoors or outdoors, you will surely need a good quality Yoga mat as doing Yoga without a surface cover can lead to many problems. Due to the rising awareness of yoga and its benefits, it is expected that the yoga mat industry will reach up to $17.3 billion by 2025.



To increase your sale, you can also post pictures of people using your yoga mats on social media platforms. Contact influencers and ask them to promote your products on their channels. The Facebook advertisement is also a great way to bring traffic to the website.


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One recent trending product is the door mat. Nowadays, people are much more inclined towards modifying their homes and because of that, the market for door mats is growing. The requirement of fancy and comfortable door mats is also giving rise to the demand and value for door mats market globally.



The search term “door mat” generates 33100 searches per month, with related terms “mats for floor” brings 49500 searches per month, “door mat design” generates 5400 searches per month and “indoor mat” generates 33100 searches per month.


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In the present situation, people are giving preference to the home-made food over outside food. And, because of that cutting boards are becoming the hot-selling products in India. After all, almost everybody needs cutting boards in their kitchen to avoid spillage of vegetables. It would be surprising for you that even cutting boards are customized in terms of both design and shape.



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With the pandemic outbreak, a face mask has become a must-have item for everyone. No matter what type of business you are running, you can always keep a range of face masks in your store.



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8. TEA


As everyone is spending more time at home right now, the beverages market is getting a rise. So, starting your beverages brand can be a great idea. But one thing you need to remember is to find your niche and how you want your tea to be.



The search term “tea” generates 135000 searches per month, with related terms “green tea” generates 135000 searches per month, “benefits of green tea” generates 74000 searches per month and “black tea” generates 22200 searches per month.


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Not just the face masks, various medical supplies like gloves, sanitizers, PPE kits and others are being purchased more than ever. Adding medical supplies to your store can be extremely beneficial this time.


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The above products were the top-selling products online in 2020 but there are so many other products to choose from when thinking about what to sell on Hokosoko.

01 Feb 2021

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