Republic Day 2021 Celebration in India

Every year Republic Day is commemorated on 26th January to mark India’s adoption of the constitution after gaining independence from British rule in 1947. Even though India gained independence on 15th August 1947 the country still remained a constitutional monarchy under King George VI. To become a republic India had to draft and implement its Constitution. The constituent assembly took almost three years to prepare the constitution, which was finally adopted on 26th January 1950.




The Republic Day function starts with the arrival of the President of India escorted by the bodyguards on horses. The time decided for hoisting the flag is 9 am and starting the Parade is 9.30 am. As soon as the President raises the national flag, the national anthem is played along with the 21-gun salute. The function runs for around three years. Even the full dress rehearsal is also done a few days before the main event.


The highlights of the Parade include the Army, Navy and Air Force parade as well as the colourful floats from each state of India. Before the parade starts, the Prime Minister of the country places a floral wreath at the National War Memorial nearby India Gate in memory of the soldiers who died in the battle. The Parade takes place along Rajpath and it almost covers a distance of more than 5 km from Raisina Hill near Rashtrapati Bhavan to the Red Fort.


The people attending the Republic Day Parade are not allowed to keep their mobile phones, cameras and other electronic devices with them. This entire grand event is held in New Delhi, the national capital of India which creates an electrifying patriotic atmosphere. Each colour of the flag has significance in reinforcing the values of courage, strength, peace, truth and auspiciousness in everyone’s life. All the people present cheers in pleasure when the helicopters shower rose petals on them.




Despite the pandemic, Republic Day will be celebrated this year but the number of spectators will be restricted. As compared to the previous year, this year only 25000 spectators will be allowed to witness the parade. The elders with severe medical issues and children below the age of 15 will also be not allowed. The government has decided to end the parade at the National Stadium instead of the Red Fort. The parade will begin from Vijay Chowk and will only cover 3.3 kilometres. Some other restrictions include a lesser number of paramilitary and armed forces and fewer cultural programs. Not just this, for the first time in five and a half decades the celebration will be conducted without a chief guest. The last time it was in 1966 when Indira Gandhi became the prime minister after the death of Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri. The decision of not having a chief guest was taken after the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson decided to cancel his visit due to the rise of pandemic cases. So, this is how Republic Day will be celebrated in 2021.

20 Jan 2021

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