Shipping Supplies Used By Hokosoko Sellers for Products Delivery


If you are preparing the Hokosoko’s shipment for the first time, you should be aware of all the necessary supplies required during shipment. Nothing can be more annoying than getting the shipment out for delivery and suddenly realizing that something is missing. There are a variety of supplies that you should have while delivering your shipment but not all of them you need to buy upfront. Here are some of the shipping supplies that you should definitely have for delivering products on Hokosoko.


Shipping Cartons



It’s an obvious point that the right kind of packaging protects your goods during transportation. No matter what type of transportation you are using even the most carefully planned shipment can go wrong. And, if the product reached is damaged it not only upsets the customer but also spoils your image. So, for that, you will need properly sized and good quality cartons. You can easily get these cartons from the local stores. These cartons are available in different sizes i.e. extra small, small, medium and large. You can purchase them as per your shipment size. Make sure the dimension of the shipping carton is according to the size of the product to avoid any weight discrepancy.


Hokosoko Tape



You will need a Hokosoko tape to seal the cartons. This tape is made up of high quality & high strength adhesive to provide stronger seal. The Hokosoko Tape comes in different sets so that you can purchase the tape as per your requirement. Using a tape dispenser to apply tape on the boxes makes your packing process much easier. If the product you are shipping is quite heavy, double tape the joints of the boxes for safety.


Measuring Tape



At the shipment process, Hokosoko will ask you for the dimensions and weight of each shipping box. Generally, the dimensions are printed on the box but if they are not you can simply measure them using the measuring tape. Once you get the dimensions you will also have to calculate the weight of the box. Make sure the weight you are providing is correct because Hokosoko decides your shipping charges according to the weight.


Laser Printer



It is extremely important to have a printer. You will require a printer for printing three things – shipping labels for your boxes, manifest and the invoice for your inventory. You don’t need a coloured printer for this. This is the thing which you might not have to purchase as most people nowadays have printers at their home. But make sure you have a laser printer because with a laser printer ink doesn’t smear on the barcode labels.


Box Labels



Besides address labels, you will also require large shipping labels to paste on your shipping boxes. When you generate shipment in Hokosoko, they will provide you shipping labels for your boxes. You will get a file containing two labels one is the actual shipping label with the address and the barcode that will be scanned by the delivery associate. You have to print these labels and paste them into the box.


We hope that this will help you to understand which shipping supplies are necessary to deliver the shipment with ease. If you have these supplies at your warehouse, you will always be ready to ship the inventory to Hokosoko.

01 Dec 2020

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