Buying Guide: How to Find Best Mixer Grinder Online in 2021

From a kid to a full-grown adult, everybody is familiar with the term mixer grinder. The mixer grinders are quite common in Indian homes for preparing tomato puree, grind spices, dosa batter, chutney and much more. So, we can say that a mixer grinder is one of the essential appliances that everyone should have in their homes. Now, if you want to purchase a best mixer grinder online  for your home and don’t know how to choose the perfect one for you, we are here to help you. We have created a list of parameters that you should check before purchasing a mixer grinder online.


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Tips to Buy Best Mixer Grinder Online


Generally, two types of mixer grinders are available in the market. One is a traditional mixer and the other is a stand mixer. The traditional mixer is strong enough to mix different elements. It is generally used for kneading dough and whipping cream. Whereas stand mixer is hardly seen in home kitchens, it is mostly used in food factories and large bakeries.



The next thing which you need to check is the number of jars you will get with the mixer grinder. Purchase a mixer with 2–3 jars as it will offer you a versatile grinding experience. For example; you are preparing 2 to 3 dishes at a time you don’t have to wash the jar every time you want to grind something. You can use one jar for making chutneys, one for grinding spices and one for preparing juices or smoothies. The next thing you should check in a jar is its handle and lid. The handle of the jar should be made with rubber or hard plastic as it offers a strong grip while using. And the lid of the jar should be airtight and durable to last longer.


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Wattage and speed are the two important parameters that you should check while purchasing a mixer grinder. Higher the wattage of the mixer tougher ingredients it will be able to grind and at a faster speed. If you want to purchase the mixer for your kitchen then a mixer of 500W to 750W will be great.


Another important parameter is the speed which is calculated in RPM i.e. revolution per minute. So, you can purchase a mixer of 18,000 rpm for your kitchen. All the mixer grinders come with a speed control button so that you can easily adjust the speed according to your grinding requirement.


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Sometimes people fill their mixer jars at the top and run the mixer for a longer period, in that case, there is a risk of burning the mixer’s motor. So, to avoid that most mixers are designed with motor overload protection that acts as a circuit breaker and prevents your mixer from damage.




Tips to Buy Best Mixer Grinder Online


It is extremely important to check the blades of the mixer. Make sure that stainless steel material is used in the blades as it keeps the blades free from corrosion. Also, if the quality of steel is good it will retain it will not lose its sharpness for a longer period of time.




Check the warranty company is offering you on the mixer. A warranty of 2 to 5 years keeps you rest assured about the quality of the product. The warranty keeps your mixer protected for a longer period.




The price of the mixer is also one of the important parameters. The price you are paying for the mixer depends upon its quality and the features it offers. You will get a variety of mixer grinders at very low prices in the market but they don’t offer you all the features. 



Tips to Buy Best Mixer Grinder Online

Lastly, read the customer reviews on the product. It is extremely helpful in finding out if the product is worth buying. You will get to know the experiences of different people who have used the product. Also, you will get detailed information about the product. Reading reviews will be extremely valuable for you in making a wise decision.


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If you are looking to buy a best mixer grinder online, we hope that the above article will help you in that. To check out more such appliances, you can visit our online shopping website Hokosoko and browse through our small and medium appliances sub-category.


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