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Combo Of Kitchen Sink Shelf And Multi Functional Peeler

92 Ratings & 92 Reviews
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Expected Delivery Time : 3 to 5 Business working days







Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Shelf is great for home & kitchen, picnic tables, outdoor dining, parties, craft & art supplies or bathroom vanity and more. Scalable design: the length of the shelf can be adjusted freely according to the length of the sink. It is easy to drain and ventilate, which prevents mildew. Non-slip handles are designed so that the rack does not drop off your hands, this helps protect the kitchen counter top from scratches.

Stainless Steel Blade Multifunctional Peeler is perfect for peeling vegetables and fruits. Get creative; make unique shapes for your next appetizer. You can make endless julienne strips of carrots, radish, cucumber, zucchini, sweet potato and all kinds of firm vegetables like a professional chef. Create zoodles, coleslaws, French fries, potato chips, salads, sliced cheese and much more! The 3 kinds of blades meet your different cutting needs. Adjust blade head to choose between serrated, wavy or shaving mode. The serrated blade works better on softer fruits, whereas the wavy and shaving blades are better for harder vegetables.


SPECIFICATION: Kitchen Sink Shelf – Material: Stainless Steel, Plastic, Size - 35 cm x 15.5 cm x 9 cm (Normal Size), 52 cm x 15.5 cm x 9 cm (Drawing Size);

Multifunctional Peeler – Material: Plastic & Stainless Steel, 3 Kinds of Blades, 360° Rotatable Blades, Colour: Green.

• MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS: With slots, this in -sink dish drainer can hold dishes like plates, bowls and cups. You can use it to wash pots/pans/knives, dry or rinse vegetables and fruits. 
• DESIGN: Non-slip extendable kitchen sink shelf has plastic arms to keep the rack from falling into the sink.
• STURDY AND DURABLE: This over the sink drying rack is very solid and sturdy, resistant to rust and corrosion, the combined structure ensures long-term durability.
• USAGE: Extendable and flexible, can be fixed easily. It is completely safe to use and does not have any toxic material.  
• NON-SLIP & ERGONOMIC HANDLE: The handle follows ergonomic theory, very comfortable to hold as it has a non-slip design.  
• EXCELLENT STAINLESS STEEL BLADE: The blade is sharp enough and easily removes the skins and rinds off your favourite food items. 
• EASY TO STORE: It has a compact design which helps save your kitchen space.
• CLEANING IS SIMPLE: Due to the stainless-steel material, it's very easy to clean after use, just rinse it under running water or put it in the dishwasher.




92 Rating(s) & 92 Review(s)

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  • 15-Dec-21
    Worth buying. go for it
    Michelle Dcunha
  • 05-Dec-21
    The product is simply superb.
    Arun prakash Subbian
  • 05-Dec-21
    Very nice product. Best quality.
    Broutha Karthikeyan
  • 5-Dec-21
    A must in all type of kitchen
    Harish Babu
  • 22-Jun-21
    Okay okay product.
    Rakesh Jb
  • 08-May-21
    Awesome product Does the job
    Vilas Kudale
  • 08-May-21
    very good and sturdy product.?
    R Adhikari
  • 8-May-21
    Extremely sharp and effective as a peeler.
    Durgareddy Na
  • 25-Apr-21
    I bought this as a substitute for a peeler I had been using for 10 days and It didnt disappoint.
    Nazim H
  • 25-Apr-21
    bahot axaa product hai
    Prasanta Kundu
  • 25-Apr-21
    durability or sturdiness of this product
    Nazim Khan
  • 22-Apr-21
    it is perfect
    Palash Mittal
  • 22-Apr-21
    Wasnt expecting this to be very good but it is actually better than my similarly shaped peeler
    Uma Shankar
  • 22-Apr-21
    very good product on this price.
    Mohan Pandey
  • 12-Apr-21
    I bought this product and I think quality should be improved
    Shilpa Adlakha
  • 01-Apr-21
    Quality at its best!
    Kiran Kumar
  • 01-Apr-21
    Sturdy as promised
    Vijay Kumar
  • 1-Apr-21
    Simply superb ! A must have peeler in every kitchen.
    Manjunatha Manju
  • 30-Mar-21
    ?Go for it without second thoughts..Its excellent
    Ganesh Kumar
  • 30-Mar-21
    ?overall very good product although slightly overpriced.
    Avtar Singh
  • 30-Mar-21
    Product is good
    Vetrivel Santhanam
  • 20-Mar-21
    Happy to buy this product it is really amazing .
    Suresh Immanuel
  • 20-Mar-21
    Very useful for kitchen use. I highly recommend
    Shams Baig
  • 19-Mar-21
    Value for money.go for it
    Rajesh Kumar
  • 19-Mar-21
    I like the porduct as received.?
    Minakshi Bali
  • 19-Mar-21
    Very satisfied with this product very smooth and easy to use.. thanks?
    Vishnu S nair
  • 18-Mar-21
    Quality of product is very good with nice look. Iam very impressed to found it.
    Origanti Ramu
  • 16-Mar-21
    It is definitely good cutting-wise and the handle is comfortable too...
    Ganesh Kumar
  • 16-Mar-21
    Good and sturdy product?
    Rajasekhara Reddy
  • 16-Mar-21
    ?Awesome product love it
    Sainath Isukapalli
  • 15-Mar-21
    Excellent quality sink with best after sales support.
    Prasad Thota
  • 10-Mar-21
    V. Good Product I like this product
    Jitendra Gurjar
  • 10-Mar-21
    This product is really good and I am totally happy after using this
    Pradeep Takawane
  • 5-Mar-21
    Very trusted supplier. THANKS I like this product
    Agella Rajendran
  • 3-Mar-21
    Very good quality product so it is valuable for the money I spent At the first glance itself I felt the sturdiness of this product
    Saloni Bhandari
  • 2-Mar-21
    The blades are too sharp. Peeling veggies and fruits has become an easier task with this excellent product.?
    Saripella Manoj kumar
  • 02-Mar-21
    Great build great brand
    Ashwath Vk
  • 02-Mar-21
    Hope the product lasts longer!!
    Srinu Bowlada
  • 23-Feb-21
    Nice product Overall a must buy at this price !!
    Divya Goli
  • 21-Feb-21
    This product is really good and I am totally happy after using this. Strength ambience grade of steel and specially contours at the edges are well handled.
    Disha Soni
  • 15-Feb-21
    Product is nice and quality is also superb
    Jayaprakash c c
  • 12-Feb-21
    Excellent peeler! Loved it
    Venugopal M
  • 12-Feb-21
    Very nice product. Working well.
    Sivakumar P
  • 12-Feb-21
    I will recommend this to anyone. Its just worth of money
    Nagarjun Laran
  • 10-Feb-21
    Its the quality and specifications that made me choose this and I am Happy that the product stands to the mark .I like this product.
    Nipun Tak
  • 09-Jan-21
    The quality of the product was good
    Subhas Suvarna
  • 09-Jan-21
    Amazing product at very reasonable price looks fantastic .
    Vinod kumar Bs
  • 9-Jan-21
    Very good value for money as well and worth a buy.
    Manu Panicker
  • 1-Jan-21
    A good buy...It is definitely a good product
    Harisha Doomappa
  • 01-Jan-21
    Excellent product strong and exactly received what I expected
    Deepa Velayutham
  • 01-Jan-21
    ?I would definitely recommend
    Shraddha mazumdar Shraddha mazumdar
  • 12-Dec-20
    . I would recommend buying the hose. It is amazing
    Deepa Velayutham
  • 12-Dec-20
    Nice product under this range.
    Ch Shekar
  • 12-Dec-20
    The best part is the wastage of vegetable due to peeling is minimum and its very sharp and so does it with ease
    Uma Shankar
  • 24-Oct-20
    Brilliant..must buy
    Harish Babu
  • 24-Oct-20
    Satisfied with product
    Shinoj A
  • 24-Oct-20
    ?Feels great I loved it
    Harikrishnan S p
  • 19-Oct-20
    The product quality is very good. The Iron Road is so well designed that it can fit in any type of surface
    Mahabir Hansda
  • 18-Oct-20
    Deducted one star for the corner sink shelf as the material is a very light so it keeps shifting easily and does not stay in place. Received a bright neon green shade which brightens the kitchen.
    Sumaya Raja
  • 18-Oct-20
    This is what I was expecting. Price is justified with quality.
    Santosh Rathod
  • 18-Oct-20
    Must buy very useful product
    Rahul Wajage0
  • 18-Oct-20
    I will certainly recommend it to all.
    Mandala Danly
  • 17-Oct-20
    Corner sink tray was much bigger than expected
    Praveen Yohannan
  • 17-Oct-20
    "The design is veey innovative.They should come up with a instruction if possible because after receiving the product I was confuse but after viewing the listing photo I got to know how to fit it. Overall a great product."
    Jatin Tare
  • 15-Oct-20
    "It has little padding inside to prevent any scratches to the hanging surface.Both are very useful kitchen items."
    Mahesh kumar r s
  • 15-Oct-20
    good but that storage for scruber was not good .
    Jayadevan Nair
  • 14-Oct-20
    Ordered this combo and found them extremely good quality products
    Rama V p
  • 14-Oct-20
    Both the products are very useful if one likes to have an organised kitchen
    Murthy Mk
  • 9-Oct-20
    Amzing product like its quality
    Jigna Mehta
  • 26-Sep-20
    ?the quality was worth it
    Kasa Srinivasa rao
  • 26-Sep-20
    It is extremely sharp and glides over the toughest of vegetable skins
    Jeenu Prince
  • 26-Sep-20
    A great buy definite value for money
    Nancy Rao
  • 25-Sep-20
    Well very good product .usefull.
    Pvn Rao
  • 25-Sep-20
    Does what its supposed to do. Stop searching. Just buy! And the handle has an attractive color.
    Manoj Chacko
  • 25-Sep-20
    I like the product.. It is very good quality wise more than expected.
    Bal Zaveri
  • 21-Sep-20
    Excellent product its really usefull
    Yogita Jain
  • 16-Sep-20
    Rest is very nice good working
    Umesha A
  • 16-Sep-20
    Its pretty unique and a great peeler.
    Rina Agarwal
  • 16-Sep-20
    The product was good.
    Chaitali Solanki
  • 6-Sep-20
    It is shinny and really useful. I recommend to this product
    Syed anas Anwar
  • 02-Sep-20
    ?the product is of genuinely very good quality.
    Hemanth Kumar
  • 02-Sep-20
    Best product available in online marketing.
    Md Nasim
  • 2-Sep-20
    I cannot do without this peeler!?This is amazing
    Geetha prashanth Geetha
  • 24-Jul-20
    Very useful. A good purchase.
    Saket Verma
  • 18-May-20
    I liked the product very much and am giving it 5 stars.
    Kathir Kathir
  • 18-May-20
    Highly recommended.
    Gautam pattnaik Gautam pattnaik
  • 18-May-20
    Easy to use and clean .. sharp enough to peel but not cut your fingers.. this peeler rocks with minimalist clean design
    Ashwani Singh
  • 8-May-20
    It is a useful product. A good purchase.
    Suman Gera
  • it keeps shaking have to manage it some how to keep it stable to the kitchen counter."
    "Good but not as expected as the rubber stopper placed below is not holding the stand properly
    Elango P
  • NO proper protection to the product"
    "Never expected such a pathetic packing from Hokosoko
    B.guravaiah Guru
  • 12/08/2020
    Why the item was opened from inside before it delivered to me ?
    Prabha Bahadur Walla
  • it has a suction hook at bottom to keep it in place.The towel hanger is also very sturdy"
    "The sink organiser is exactly as shown in pics. Additionally
    Shreesh Kadam




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