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Comfortable Baby Carrier Bag (With Belt) | Black & Blue

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Expected Delivery Time : 3 to 5 Business working days







This Comfortable Baby Carrier Bag is designed with adjustable and wide padded shoulder straps. This bag supports 4 carrying styles – cradle style, chest facing, backpack and forward facing. It has a dual side adjustment, fits the baby comfortably around the waist and legs. Fitting your baby in the carrier will not be a hassle as it is very easy to get your baby in and out with this carrier. A head rest moves up and down and ensures correct posture and support to the baby's back and neck. Tips - check to see if all of the buckles are securely fastened or locked when you use the baby carrier. Carry your baby with both hands; place your baby’s legs first from upwards into the carrier.


SPECIFICATION: Material: Breathable Fabric, Capacity: 3.5 to 15 kg, Colour: Black & Blue, Hand wash is recommended.

• PREMIUM QUALITY: Made up of soft and mesh fabric that provides comfort and ventilation to your little one.

• BREATHABLE FABRIC: Designed with a breathable fabric that helps the air to circulate and prevents your baby from sweating.

• COMFORTABLE: Very convenient for parents, as it ensures comfort by providing ease while travelling, trekking, shopping and more.

• SAFETY: Strong buckles provide complete safety to the baby ensuring safe ride for them. Also, no toxic materials are used while manufacturing the carrier bag which makes it completely safe.


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66 Rating(s) & 66 Review(s)

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  • 3/9/2021
    It is a good product in cheap price
    Vikas Abnave
  • 3/8/2021
    Very worthy products can purchase every one..
    Ramesh Choudhary
  • 3/7/2021
    I just loved this product
    Madhu Reddy
  • 3/6/2021
    It is comfortable and durable. Would recommend everyone to use it once..
    Murali krishna Nimmaraju
  • 3/5/2021
    Its good nice and comfortable .. I like this product alot
    Manjunatha St
  • 3/4/2021
    I am feeling so happy after using this
    Kumar H
  • 3/3/2021
    this is so comfortable in using and very good
    Y bharani Vasu kumar
  • 3/2/2021
    Quality of the product is too good.. Thanks
    Jaleel Jaleel
  • 3/1/2021
    Product is nice and quality is also superb
    Srikanth Pabbu
  • 2/28/2021
    It is a useful product. A good purchase.
    Mohankumar Rs
  • 2/27/2021
    Product is durable... price is a little on higher side But overall its a good product.
    Pramod Ashtekar
  • 2/26/2021
    Amazing product but i like if the price can be reduced
    Dilip Kumar
  • 2/25/2021
    Very trusted supplier. thanks I like this product
    Veera Veerabathran.s
  • 2/24/2021
    Its the quality is best and I am Happy that the product stands to the mark .I like this product.
    Mahadevan S nair
  • 2/23/2021
    Good product. Received as described. value for money?
    Kumar H
  • 2/22/2021
    Works fine I Like the product
    Binay Gupta
  • 2/21/2021
    Product is good
    Senthil S
  • 2/20/2021
    not too good but fine to purchase
    Sadanand Marathe
  • 2/19/2021
    This product is more sturdy. Definitely easy to use.
    Raj R
  • 2/18/2021
    The product is useful and seems well built... I liked it
    Arun Raj
  • 2/17/2021
    Highly recommend to buy...
    Deepthi Ratheesh
  • 2/16/2021
    quality is good
    Utpal Roychoudhury
  • 14-Feb-21
    Not using right now but it seems pritty good product.
    Tatyana Toulchinsky
  • 03-Feb-21
    Not worth it.. It takes too much time to adjust baby under it .. I found it waste of money even dont use it
    Dabbu Patel
  • 2/2/2021
    quality of product is good.
    Dr dipak Sarma
  • 2/1/2021
    Worth the price
    Manoj R
  • 1/30/2021
    no concern and my entire family liked your product. Thanxxx
    Shinoj Nt
  • 1/29/2021
    Love it... very easy to use
    Arvind Jayaprakash
  • 1/28/2021
    Happy with it. Good product
    Rajdeep Paul
  • 1/27/2021
    Received the package in perfect condition. Well packed. happy with the product.
    Keshava Murthy
  • 27-Jan-21
    It is very easy to use and cofrtable. Highly recoment for everyone
  • 1/26/2021
    Excellent item and if its possible plz make amount 50rs less
    Prashanth k Amin
  • 1/25/2021
    I'll wait a couple of months to say whether it is value for money. but overall Product is good.
    Ansar Shaikh
  • 1/24/2021
    Totally value for money. Arrived early than mentioned date. Very good seller.Product is really good
    Ranireddy Bhimireddy
  • 1/23/2021
    . Very cheap and very effective!
    Murali krishna Sirrannagari
  • 1/22/2021
    5 stars for the product. Works perfectly
    Mahesh Chunduru
  • 22-Jan-21
    Nice Quality... More than expected
    Akhil Khatri
  • 1/21/2021
    Good product I just love it.
    Jatin Das
  • 1/20/2021
    Lovely products...I love it
    Biju Joseph
  • 20-Jan-21
    Quality is low. Baby only can hold for few min
    Shobha Agarwal
  • 1/19/2021
    Gifted this to a relative and he was beyond happy.?
    Vinayak Ss
  • 1/18/2021
    The product is good and Worth for money
    Rana Bhattacharjee
  • 1/17/2021
    really attractive loved it
    Vinayak Ss
  • 1/16/2021
    Overall it is really nice product
    Manjula Naveen
  • 1/15/2021
    Amazing product but i like if the price can be reduced
    Navaneethakrishnan K
  • 14-Jan-21
    In pic it seems to be big but it's small when compared to pic... However can be used only till one year baby
    Shubham Bisht
  • 12-Jan-21
    not comfortable to keep baby ..don't buy it's my advice....
    Darshan Bharadwaj
  • 03-Jan-21
    "Nice one comfortable for my baby.comfort size"
    Kuwar Negi
  • 01-Jan-21
    Excellent product. Worth buying it.
  • 29-Dec-20
    Value for money Quality seems to be be very good.
    Rana Ji
  • 29-Dec-20
    Value for money Quality seems to be be very good.
    Rana Ji
  • 25-Dec-20
    it helps me as m on work from home. we both have to share duties towards d child.
    dasika mallika
  • 24-Dec-20
    Very nice product. My lil one is very comfortable in it. Easy to use and very good support
    Satish G.
  • 24-Dec-20
    The colour unlike as seen in the product photo is so much dull and also the product seems not strong & sturdy unlike as seen in the product photo..
    Manoj Kumar
  • 23-Dec-20
    It`s a very good product at this rate. I bought it for my 4 month old boy. If you are going to carry your baby facing outside you have to remove the upper part.
  • 22-Dec-20
    Not comfortable for the infant and the adult to fix and carry
    Swapan Kumar Banerjee
  • 22-Dec-20
    Nice product rcvd vry comfortable ..easy yo carry such a nice.product for baby ..buy this worth of money happy .time
    hira ghosh
  • 21-Dec-20
    The product is very good. The back support for the baby is nice. It's comfortable both for the baby and user since it uniformly distributes the load on the shoulders. And lastly just wear it like a bag. It's so easy to use.
    Uma Agrawal
  • 19-Dec-20
    My baby was so comfortable in the bag. Every time when I took him outside he used to cry alot but first time in this he felt so comfortable and enjoyed going outside. Thanks to the product
    Anil Vishwakarma
  • 18-Dec-20
    Everything is good . suggestion is that it can have a slepping posture carry functionality
  • 18-Dec-20
    I like the fact that it does the work what it's intended for. Baby is safe and we can use it also to travel using motorcycle.
    Sneh Patel
  • 19/09/2020
    Nice product
    Anuj Kumar
  • Quality seems to be be very good"
    "Value for money
    Rana Ji
  • I have been using it now for 7 months it's a great buy."
    "Value for money
    Jyotirmoy sarkar
  • greater appreciation"
    "Easy to carry baby. If you have lived on the North East
  • serves the purpose adequately."
    "Sturdy and comfortable product in this price range
    karri saikrishna




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