• Maison & Cuisine 6+2 Layer Fancy Collapsible Closet | Colour Wine
  • Maison & Cuisine 6+2 Layer Fancy Collapsible Closet | Colour Wine
  • Maison & Cuisine 6+2 Layer Fancy Collapsible Closet | Colour Wine
  • Maison & Cuisine 6+2 Layer Fancy Collapsible Closet | Colour Wine
  • Maison & Cuisine 6+2 Layer Fancy Collapsible Closet | Colour Wine
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Maison & Cuisine 6+2 Layer Fancy Collapsible Closet | Colour Wine

94 Ratings & 94 Reviews
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Expected Delivery Time : 3 to 5 Business working days


Expected Delivery Time : 3 to 5 Business working days







Maison & Cuisine’s This beautifully designed foldable wardrobe with movable clothes hanging rod and 8 storage shelves provide you with enough space, both for your longer outfits and folded clothes. Whether bulky winter coats or a number of nightgowns, the clothes rack will handle whatever you keep inside it. Declutter your home and organize your shoes, clothes, books and more. With the simple but elegant appearance, this item can easily match your home decor.


Material: Non-Woven Fabric, Water and Dust Resistant
Secondary Material Subtype: Wrought Iron
Mount Type: Floor Standing
Enclosure Type: Zipper
Product Dimensions: Length (45cm), Width (130cm), Height (175cm) 
Colour: Wine 
PORTABLE: This wardrobe has a lightweight design and can be easily moved around whenever you want to change its setting. 
EASY TO INSTALL: The instruction manual is very simple and easy to understand, the parts can be easily distinguished. You will not need any tools or special skills while assembling it.
SPACIOUS: This closet has multiple-height shelves and hanging space to store plenty of clothes, books, gadgets, etc. A great storage solution to organize your room. 
DUST-PROOF FABRIC COVER: The zipper closure fabric cover keeps your clothes away from dust. It is also very easy to clean.  



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94 Rating(s) & 94 Review(s)

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  • 09-05-21
    Worth buying
    Richa Mehra
  • 09-04-21
    Highly satisfied product.
    Jaideep Singh
  • 09-04-21
    Great service. Product is also good.
    shailesh chaudhary
  • 08-04-21
    Great.i like the service
    Chandani rastogi
  • 08-04-21
    So much better quality.
    Uday Motdhare
  • 08-03-21
    product is perfect.
  • 07-03-21
    best experience.
    Nizamuddin Ansari
  • 06-05-21
    used this product.great quality
    Maya tyagi
  • 06-04-21
    Can be used in multipurpose as well
  • 06-03-21
    Better quality product
    Shammi Rai
  • 05-05-21
    Pankaj Sharma
  • 05-05-21
    its material is Designed well
  • 05-05-21
    Rahul Bhai Sorathiya
  • 05-04-21
    Material of Product is perfect liked it.
    Esha nigam
  • 04-03-21
    Vivek Shah
  • 03-05-21
    I like the product material.
    Tarun kumar
  • 18-Feb-21
    I received last week and givea review after use it. Really useful for small room.
    Saiprasannakumar Sai
  • 12-Feb-21
    Excellent quality wardrobe. I gift to my sistre . She is happy eith it.
    Achint Singh
  • 10-Feb-21
    Happy with it. Really useful for me.
    Jangipur College
  • 02-04-21
    Amazing Product
  • 02-03-21
    Better than expected.great product.
    Jatin Wadhwa
  • 28-Jan-21
    Quality of collapsible closet is good but take a long time to install and manual guide is missing
    Prince Nasir Bhai
  • 21-Jan-21
    This closet is good in this price. Loved it.
    Hart Teller Mishra
  • 15-Jan-21
    Amzing. I am student in Hyderabad and It's useful for my small recnted room
    Abhi Abhi
  • 20-Dec-20
    Nice. I am searching this a lot of time. Finnaly I bought it. Happy with it.
    Hanuman Gurjar
  • 15-Dec-20
    Happy with this closet. Easy to assemble. Thanks Hokosoko for fast delivery
    Ayush Pandit
  • 05-Dec-20
    Fast Delivery good quality product.
    Javed Ali
  • 05-Dec-20
    Easy to install. Useful to save clothes from dirt
    Jay Chouhan
  • 28-Nov-20
    Space saver. Thanks Hokosoko.
    Manas Kassar Kassar
  • 25-Nov-20
    Worth of money. I recommend to it.
  • 21-Nov-20
    Useful for small room. Quality of closet is good .
    Kuldip Gohil
  • 18-Nov-20
    Value for moey. Easy to installation
    Mani Rothan
  • 15-Nov-20
    Best collapsible closet to storage clothes. Good quality
    Nawab Qureshi
  • 24-Oct-20
    Awesome product that's great
    Swarna K
  • 09-02-20
    Great experience
    Rahul Gupta
  • 08-02-20
    Easy to use
  • 07-03-20
    Sia verma
  • 07-02-20
    Awesome product.
    Siya raval
  • 05-02-20
    Suhaani Gupta
  • 03-02-20
    best product.
    Rashi Budhiraja?
  • 02-02-20
    Good product
    paras phutela
  • 20-05-21
    I bought it 3 month ago. working well perfect material.
    Priya aggarwal
  • 29-01-20
    Amazing product.
    Shubham Pathak
  • 14-03-21
    happy to buy this product.
    Ram Chander
  • 18-03-21
    Good product.material is nice.
    kamini bhargava
  • 24-03-21
    Naresh tyagi
  • 16-03-21
    Better quality product
  • 15-04-21
    So much better quality.
  • 21-04-21
    I have used it.good experience.
    Maaz Ali
  • 27-02-20
    Satisfied by this product.
    shasher shah
  • 22/09/2020
    Easy to installation and save room space. It is useful for small room.
    Alok Tyagi
  • 25-01-20
    Good one.Really amazing product.
    Pihu khanna
  • 22-05-21
    Must buy.go for it
    Suman rastogi
  • 30-01-20
    Go for it.nice product.
    Manoj Ahuja
  • 18-03-21
    Size of product is perfect.
    Priyanshi rana
  • 19-03-21
    material is awesome.liked the product.
    Saleef ali
  • 26-03-21
    Very Satisfied.
    Divesh shah
  • 19-05-21
    Used very well.
    Satish Garg?
  • 28-01-20
    Good product.material is good.
    Nishant khari
  • 17-02-20
    Awesome product.
  • 13-02-21
    made up of proper size loved it.
  • 13-02-21
    material is perfect. nice
  • 16-03-21
    Veeru jain
  • 28-04-21
    very well made.
  • 21-05-21
    I bought it last week.really loved the product.
  • 14-12-20
    perfect material
    Arun upadhya
  • 23-01-20
  • 15/07/2020
    The product is excellent and values for money in that range, and it's very lightweight so easy to move. After seeing this product, my opinion is it will not last for a long period, but it suitable for temporary use.
    Umeash Singh
  • 08/07/2020
    Best and reasonable wardrobe. I am happy with this product.
    Arti Singh
  • 08/07/2020
    The item is extremely pleasant.. had no hussle collecting it and the space is likewise adequate .
    Deepak Tyagi
  • 08/07/2020
    Nice product..Very usable
    Neha Bajaj
  • 08/07/2020
    This wardrobe is portable and best especially for my children.Cleaning to managing stuff become easy with this.
    Priyam Shukla
  • 08/07/2020
    I like the colour and quality of wardrobe. I can easily manage my stuff ..
    Shruti Singh
  • 08/07/2020
    THIS PRODUCT IS AS SEEN ON PICTURE beside the strange stockpiling claims, on the off chance that you give some essential load at the base most line it will stay durable. The item has fundamentally no guidance for get together and it will take some creative mind and puzzle settling to assemble it however can likewise be a pleasant breathe easy/excerise for two individuals. The closet is a great decision for a reasonable and speedy arrangement. Certainly worth the cost and exertion.
    Nandi Sharma
  • 16/07/2020
    This works great for storage in my front room, fairly easy to assemble once you get the first row together.My husband and I assembled together. Holds everything fairly well, the pole that holds the hanging clothes is not very strong though, it popped out a few times when I went to hang up some clothes but I had another thicker pole hanging around that I used instead.
    Vijay Laxmi
  • 17/07/2020
    Good wardrobe, but the legs are very short, so i kept cupboard on pvc pipe reducer of 3/4 inch to 1 inch quantity 8. Good quality material and spacious size, easy to use.
    Yauvani Guramurthy
  • 08/07/2020
    Beautiful , Descent , Perfect Designed.
  • 08/07/2020
    This product is very good in this price and also i get product delivery on time
  • 08/07/2020
    product is good but delivery is bad
    Indrani Banerjee
  • 08/07/2020
    Happy with this Wardrobe. Best price and quality.
  • 08/07/2020
    Good Quality Product at cheaper Price.
  • 08/07/2020
    the product is awesome...i did not encounter any problem while assembling the product. Also, the wardrobe is highly spacious.
    Kishan Singh
  • 08/07/2020
    I was searching for wardrobe online. Then I search for this wardrobe in Hokosoko. Delivery was little bit late because of this Corona time. But wardrobe is perfect..Especially this is a birthday gift for my mother. She is happy with this..
    Sanjay Sharma
  • 08/07/2020
    Product is ok. But delivery was quiet late.Quality and price is reasonable..
    Sivam Shukla
  • 14/07/2020
    Suitable for a rented house or student or pg. It's useful only but needs to give more strength. Don't put more heavyweight. When u r going to fix it be careful. otherwise, your hand Will cut
  • 19/08/2020
    The product is really nice.. had no hussle assembling it and the space is also sufficient .
    Anuska Agarwal
  • 23/09/2020
    Ordered on the day it was launched Delivery was quick Installation took an hour, refer the leaflet Sturdy rack, Good cloth Overall a good buy. Recommended
    Manoj Kumar
  • 24/09/2020
    I loved the product. Absolutely as per my need. Amazing Quality. Pricing could be better
    Mohit saini
  • 24/09/2020
    Easy to assemble the parts,it is strong and sturdy for keeping clothes.good for people who constantly move from one place to another and for space management,
    Dermandra singh
  • 25/09/2020
    Bought it on great Indian sale for Rs.2200. was looking for a sturdy material for quite sometime then came across this as a recommendation..
    Deepak Tyagi
  • 25/09/2020
    But for daily usage opening doors all the way from down to to is but difficult for aged people. Rather than the zip opening would have provided the curten type opening since it is for daily usage
    jony bansal
  • 28/09/2020
    Although it took 2 weeks to deliver, quality is as expected from Isomars, top-notch. It can be extended a little more than a0 so very useful and sturdy.
    mohammad Shahalamali
  • 28/07/2020
    Nice product easy to asssemble good sturdy good build quality spacious too. Go for it
    Mukesh Thakur
  • 28/09/2020
    Excellent with few buts.. Chain is detouched from cover in some portion. Need to repair. Bottom layer (inner side) has gap through which insects can come inside.
    Mohsin Malik


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