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Non-Slip Acupressure Mat For Muscle Relief (Without Pillow)

93 Ratings & 93 Reviews
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Expected Delivery Time : 3 to 5 Business working days







Non-slip Acupressure Mat is very effective in reducing tension and inducing a state of deep relaxation. It releases endorphins that stops pain and provide relaxation to your back, neck and feet. This mat has various health benefits which include better sleep, increased blood circulation and proper digestion. Whenever you are stressed or feeling low just lay down on the mat for 10 to 30 minutes it will give you a relaxed feeling. It can be used anywhere in the floor, on the bed, chair or even lying down on a sofa.


SPECIFICATION: Material: Cotton, Foam & Plastic, Size: 67 cm x 41 cm, Colour: Any (As per stock availability).

• HIGH QUALITY: Made up of eco-friendly thick cotton, plant-based eco foam and plastic that make it extremely safe to use.

• DESIGN: Ergonomically designed cushioned foam mat that is large enough to fit your back and provide full support.    

• REDUCES PAIN: Simply lay down on the mat for 10-30 minutes and it will naturally reduce the muscle tension, back pain and headaches. 

• RELAXATION: Comes with thousands of acupressure points that improve your blood circulation and stimulate nerves for faster muscle recovery



1) Eligible for Return and Refund, You can place a return request within 10 days of order delivery. 2) Please create a short video while unboxing the product to replace the defective, missing, wrong product, mismatch, wrong size or empty parcel. Upload the video on my account or send us the video via email (support@hokosoko.com) within 48 hours ( 2 Days ) of delivery. 3) Replacement will be issued only if it is determined that the item was not damaged while in your possession, or is not different from what was shipped to you. 4) For more information please visit our refund policy.

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93 Rating(s) & 93 Review(s)

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  • 15-Dec-21
    Amazing product but i like if the price can be reduced
    Dhamu Bangi
  • 5-Dec-21
    ?I definitely recommend this mat to everyone. It is great value for money.?
    Muhammed Riaz
  • 12-03-2021
    Good Product with heavy build
    Vijay Raj
  • 11-03-2021
    I am very pleased with this purchase and expect to get much use out of it.
    Vijith Vijayan
  • 10-03-2021
    Smart and sleek design with quality branding.
    Rajkumar Puram
  • 09-03-2021
    Awesome product for use in home. qualities are too good. Worth my money.
    Raju Madhavan
  • 08-03-2021
    Product is very well built... Highly Recommended product.
    Jay Kapoor
  • 07-03-2021
    Made up of very good and durable ...overall its good product
    Prasad Parasu
  • 06-03-2021
    Good quality product !!..overall I highly recommend
    Nitin Sharma
  • 8-May-21
    Amazing product but i like if the price can be reduced
    Kiran Kumar
  • 05-03-2021
    A good quality product... easy to use and convenient. Stand is very stable and drains off water.
    Neelima Sharma
  • 25-Apr-21
    Works fine I Like the product
    Ramarao Vemuri
  • 22-Apr-21
    I bought this product and I think quality should be improved
    Sagar Jain
  • 04-03-2021
    It perfectly fulfills my need ?. quality is good .
    Kewal Pathak
  • 1-Apr-21
    Product is nice and quality is also superb
    Johnson Joseph
  • 30-Mar-21
    This product is really good and I am totally happy after using this
    Pradeep Patel
  • 20-Mar-21
    this mat is so comfortable to using and very good for every one I am feeling so happy using of the mat..
    Manjunath sn Manjunath sn
  • 20-Mar-21
    Quality of the product is too good.. Thanks
    Sanjay Kumar
  • 19-Mar-21
    Worth buying. go for it
    Ajit Mhatre
  • 18-Mar-21
    Bought for my dad he loves it. Its good nice and comfortable ..
    Natasha Martin
  • 16-Mar-21
    It is a useful product. A good purchase.
    Shreedhar n shree
  • 15-Mar-21
    Its good nice and comfortable .. I like this product alot
    Anitha Chintha
  • 14-Mar-21
    ?Lower back Pain relief acuoressure mat. I have been suffering Lumbar Spondylosis and neck pain since long. The product has assisted me with getting relief from lower back and neck pain. I use for around 8-10 minutes every day and discovered it to be compelling. Thanks to Hokosoko to help give market interfaces up to poor end-users of the product. Hokosoko gives great convey network empowering users like me to will use such products.
    Thivearaj Deva
  • 10-Mar-21
    Perfect size.. non slippery..no damages. . I just loved this product
    Vedavyas C s
  • 10-Mar-21
    It is comfortable and durable. Would recommend everyone to use it once..
    Vinod Kv
  • 5-Mar-21
    The size of the mat is appropriate for me and I have not faced any issues with it yet. Definitely recommend ..
    Saikumar parigala Saikumar parigala
  • 3-Mar-21
    its a normal product with a normal usage.. From this Mat you can do your yoga exercises at home very well
    Sharmistha Kamar
  • 03-03-2021
    Does its job perfectly. Worth buying....
    Jamuna Bangaru
  • 2-Mar-21
    Very trusted supplier. thanks I like this product
    Mallikarjun b Ujjani
  • 21-Feb-21
    Very worthy products can purchase every one..
    Pankaj Dutta
  • 15-Feb-21
    It is a good product in cheap price
    Veer basant Dandriyal
  • 15-Feb-21
    Good product. Product is good..but shading changed..we got white tone and I m arranged blue colour...but all over good product
    Sathish naik Sathish naik
  • 12-Feb-21
    Its the quality is best and I am Happy that the product stands to the mark .I like this product.
    Mothilal nehru G
  • 10-Feb-21
    It gives tickling effect as the blood circulation improves. I loved this product it is really helpful
    Srikanth Marella
  • 09-Feb-21
    Must have product. Generally excellent and should have product for everybody. Truly animates all pressing factor focuses
    Kabila Kanthasamy
  • 02-03-2021
    Size is good..color is good but price can be lower
    Niranjan s Hiremath
  • 01-Feb-21
    Good item for health should use it. Very good product for acupressure excercise.
    Nataraja L
  • 25-Jan-21
    Very good product.Quality is very genuine
    Faijur Khan
  • 15-Jan-21
    Awesome mat. Loved it. Awesome antislip mat. It has projections that gives acupressure results and feels great. All the exhaustion and sluggishness totally disappears. Awesome mat.
    Umesha A
  • 12-Jan-21
    Pain relief acupressure mat. . By utilizing just 20 minutes it's my pain is relief like an enchantment. I feel amazing and unwind
    Shekhar Bhate
  • 10-Jan-21
    I loved the product and recommended to my friends too.. This is so far good from allopathy medication. Value for money
    Manoj Shinde
  • 9-Jan-21
    Most comfortable yoga mat around
    Gyan Kumar
  • 01-03-2021
    Seems like a good quality product...
    Debashish Mahapatra
  • 01-03-2021
    loved the product its really helpful
    Sunil Abdulkarim
  • 1-Jan-21
    This product is great to gift to others . I liked it
    Asfar Hussain
  • 15-Dec-20
    ?Very good product. good quality at low price. I loved the product and recommended to my companions as well.. Have been utilizing it for over a month now. Its truly good for neck and back.
    Biju Nair
  • 12-Dec-20
    Would definitely recommend this product if youre troubled by the thin and slippery yoga mats out there.
    Arun P
  • 02-Dec-20
    Best quality acupressure mat. Quality product at this price...don't think twice...just buy it?
    Subash chandra Sethi
  • 24-Oct-20
    I am happy I spent more because exercising is a big deal in life. It needs the right tool. I definitely recommend
    Bibin Tom
  • 18-Oct-20
    not too good but fine to purchase
    Pradyna Lele
  • 9-Oct-20
    Works fine I Like the product
    Anand Soman
  • 26-Sep-20
    Happy knees and elbows since I got this..worth the buy!
    Swamy H
  • 25-Sep-20
    Superb thick and wide mat much better
    Jagadish Jankiram
  • 21-Sep-20
    It is a useful product. A good purchase.
    Chandu Meka
  • 16-Sep-20
    I think price is little bit high
    Harikrishnan S
  • 6-Sep-20
    not too good but fine to purchase
    Nagesh N
  • 2-Sep-20
    ?I have bought 2 mats since the colors available are very bright and motivating. I use it on alternate days.
    Afzal Ali
  • 24-Jul-20
    Product is durable... price is a little on higher side But overall its a good product.
    Alagu Raja
  • 22-Jul-20
    Good product. Received as described. value for money?
    Dinvesh rochani Dinvesh rochani
  • 18-May-20
    Good product. Received as described. value for money?
    Jakong Terang
  • 8-May-20
    Product is nice and quality is also superb
    Prajwal Naik
  • 12-Apr-20
    Its the quality is best and I am Happy that the product stands to the mark .I like this product.
    Sanjay Shukla
  • 23-Feb-20
    Very trusted supplier. thanks I like this product
    Abu Ashadul sarkar
  • quite happy !"
    "Great buy
    Ganesh Pinku
  • you will get relief from all sort of pain in the event that you use it every day for 5 min. "
    "Great. Pain releif mat. Value for money. Take the plunge
    Maya Rao
  • you won't discover better product in this price range. "
    "Go for this mat. You can purchase it .I will guarantee
    Thivearaj Deva
  • 28-02-2021
    go for it..if you r looking for such product
    Vidya Chopdekar
  • 27-02-2021
    amazing results..i m happy
    Vishal Dudhpachare
  • 26-02-2021
    Thanks hokosoko for this wonderful product
    Ashoka B m
  • 25-02-2021
    bahot axa lgaa hume ye product hum aage b kharidengee or asii products
    Rajkumar Haldar
  • 24-02-2021
    bindAss..bole toh ik number product
    A. v Kotesh
  • 23-02-2021
    Value for money at this price
    Anisetti Vimal raja
  • 22-02-2021
    Good working?thankss
    Finto Ccf
  • 21-02-2021
    I just LOVED the product.
    Jayaraj Panicker
  • 20-02-2021
    Quality and ease of use is really good.
    Rajendra Shah
  • 19-02-2021
    Quality product. Purchase this
    Rajendra Shah
  • 29-03-2021
    Fully satisfied with the flexible style and the material.
    Niket Kulkarni
  • 28-03-2021
    Sturdy and light weight.
    Parveen Bajaj
  • 27-03-2021
    Looks good...durable and sturdy. go for it
    Maya Rao
  • 26-03-2021
    Serves the purpose! I highly recommend
    Sruthi vishnu Vishnu
  • 25-03-2021
    Ordered these for the 4th time in a row - very sturdy and rigid
    Abhinav Tawani
  • 24-03-2021
    Light weight..overall helpful product
    Jomon Joseph
  • 23-03-2021
    Easy to assemble..and product is also good
    Dk Dineshan
  • 22-03-2021
    looks good and design and durability is too good
    Angara Raghavendrarao
  • 21-03-2021
    Must buy. I loved this product
    Mohit Rani
  • 20-03-2021
    First feel - Sturdy..Strong...Spacious
    Sadik Basha
  • 19-03-2021
    Product is good than we imagined
    Ansar Tamboli
  • 18-03-2021
    overall product is good but will write again after few months of use for durability..
    M Balakrishnan
  • 17-03-2021
    Amazing product served by the seller
    Parveen Bajaj
  • 16-03-2021
    Quite handy and does the job well..
    Aditya Balusupati
  • 15-03-2021
    Thanks for the seller for selling this product ..it is really helpful
    Kavya Reddy
  • 14-03-2021
    It is very easy to carry and it saves time also ..GO GUYS BUY THIS AMAZING PRODUCT
    Kasi Kannan
  • 13-03-2021
    Overall..this is a good product..worthy of buying it.
    Prasanth Chandran




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