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Stainless Steel Cooking & Serving Spoon Set With Wooden Cutlery Set

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Expected Delivery Time : 3 to 5 Business working days







Stainless Steel Cooking & Serving Spoon Set with wooden cutlery set is designed to suit your comfort. The handles are sturdy, lightweight and highly comfortable to use. This set comes with an elegant design and offers exceptional versatility for everyday convenience. Even after using for several years, its shine will remain the same. This package contains 10 stainless steel and 10 wooden spoons to meet your multiple cooking demands.


SPECIFICATION: 10 Stainless Steel & 10 Wooden Cutleries, Size of Stainless Spoon Set: Ladle: (29 x 7 x 4 cm), Ladle: (32 x 8 x 4 cm), Turner: (34 x 7.5 x 2 cm), Jhara: (33 x 10 x 4 cm), Wire Jhara: (34 x 13.5 x 7 cm), Corn Server: (24 x 7 x .5 cm); Size of Wooden Cutlery: Spoon: (22 x 8 x 2 cm), Oval Spoon (23 x 6.5 x 3.5 cm), Mini Turner: (24 x 7 x 2.5 cm), Mini Pan: (23 x 6 x 3 cm).

• HIGH QUALITY: Made up of high-quality stainless steel that makes it highly durable and safe to use.
• IDEAL FOR COOKING: It is stain and odour resistant. And, will not discolour, warp, melt or chip, hence it is completely safe to use   while cooking.
•EASY TO STORE: Comes with a hole on the handle that makes it easy to hang when not in use.
•EASY CLEANING: Just rinse it under running water or put it in a dishwasher.


1) Eligible for Return and Refund, You can place a return request within 10 days of order delivery. 2) Please create a short video while unboxing the product to replace the defective, missing, wrong product, mismatch, wrong size or empty parcel. Upload the video on my account or send us the video via email (support@hokosoko.com) within 48 hours ( 2 Days ) of delivery. 3) Replacement will be issued only if it is determined that the item was not damaged while in your possession, or is not different from what was shipped to you. 4) For more information please visit our refund policy.

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100 Rating(s) & 100 Review(s)

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  • 15-Dec-21
    Its really good and heavy set .
    K Sriharsha
  • 5-Dec-21
    Value for product and great product.
    Ajimon Paulose
  • 05-Dec-21
    The product is simply superb.
    Cheeti Santhoshrao
  • 05-Dec-21
    Very nice product. Best quality.
    Sachin Mali
  • 22-Jun-21
    Nice product like it
    Naresh Bejjala
  • 8-May-21
    Very awesome Cutlery set
    Rohit Pr
  • 08-May-21
    very good and sturdy product.?
    Kalyan Kalyan
  • 08-May-21
    Awesome product Does the job
    Ajinath Bansode
  • 25-Apr-21
    durability or sturdiness of this product
    Dubbaka Prashanth
  • 25-Apr-21
    bahot axaa product hai
    Dhanashekar Mohan
  • 25-Apr-21
    The product quality looks okay..
    C Saravanan
  • 22-Apr-21
    It is very nice product
    Shakil Charolia
  • 22-Apr-21
    very good product on this price.
    Ramya B
  • 22-Apr-21
    it is perfect
    Beryl Robert
  • 12-Apr-21
    not too good but fine to purchase
    Akshay Patil
  • 01-Apr-21
    Quality at its best!
    Vijay Kumar
  • 1-Apr-21
    Good product looks very stylish in my kitchen. Fullfill all purpose of serving.
    Navaneethakrishnan K
  • 01-Apr-21
    Sturdy as promised
    Vandana Gaur
  • 30-Mar-21
    ?overall very good product although slightly overpriced.
    Ratul Singha
  • 30-Mar-21
    Looks exactly same as shown in the description!
    Sumanth Kulkarni
  • 30-Mar-21
    Product is good
    Vijay Bhede
  • 20-Mar-21
    I like the quality of the product must buy
    Anilkumar betha
  • 20-Mar-21
    This product is great to gift to others as it is very useful
    Sankar Swain
  • 19-Mar-21
    Value for money.go for it
    Ramesh Rajendran
  • 19-Mar-21
    Absolutely great. I loved it. Dont hesitate to buy It is really good..
    Sanjay Joshi
  • 19-Mar-21
    I like the porduct as received.?
    Srivasa Manoj
  • 18-Mar-21
    Kind of good. Like it
    Rajesh potru Rajesh potru
  • 16-Mar-21
    ?Awesome product love it
    Kagitha Suneel raju
  • 16-Mar-21
    Good quality steel product...in reasonable price... Useful combination of spoon forks ...
    Dinumon P
  • 16-Mar-21
    Good and sturdy product?
    Sachin Sawant
  • 15-Mar-21
    Nice product Overall a must buy at this price !!
    Sudheer Kumar
  • 10-Mar-21
    Adds shine to your dining table. They are durable and light weight too thus adding to its value
    Anil Manuel
  • 10-Mar-21
    Great Quality. Very heavy though for Indian usage we are used to lighter ones
    Mani Kanta
  • 5-Mar-21
    Very good to gold.Nice design.
    Shiva Maloth
  • 3-Mar-21
    Awesome product for the price.
    Sampath kata
  • 02-Mar-21
    Great build great brand
    Shaik Akbar
  • 2-Mar-21
    Nice product..I highl recommend
    Shinoj Nt
  • 02-Mar-21
    Hope the product lasts longer!!
    Palani Ma
  • 23-Feb-21
    I luv this product also I recommend to buy it
    Syed Ameen
  • 21-Feb-21
    Serves the purpose and definitely value for money. Looks good and sturdy too
    Abhishek Magaji
  • 15-Feb-21
    Value for money product extremely well built pure stainless steel premium quality good size of spoons and forks spoons forks are thick built great quality product. Extremely satisfied
    Philip Devdas
  • 12-Feb-21
    Very good quality stainless Steel. Sturdy and easy to use
    Manjula Naveen
  • 12-Feb-21
    I will recommend this to anyone. Its just worth of money
    Rakesh Dahake
  • 12-Feb-21
    Very nice product. Working well.
    Er. r ravi Ramalingam
  • 10-Feb-21
    Really nice minor marks in fork but its heavy n nice polished spoons. Must buy!
    Praveen Sbr
  • 12-Jan-21
    I loved the items and gifted as a retirement gift to my family.?Delivery on time thanks hokosoko
    Mukesh Ramola
  • 9-Jan-21
    Highly recommend this product on such budget
    Ravi Kumar
  • 09-Jan-21
    Amazing product at very reasonable price looks fantastic .
    Govindarao Nelakurthi
  • 09-Jan-21
    The quality of the product was good
    Balaji Singh
  • 01-Jan-21
    Excellent product strong and exactly received what I expected
    Siju Thomas
  • 1-Jan-21
    Happy to chose this product. No hassle in the purchase
    Dinumon P
  • 01-Jan-21
    ?I would definitely recommend
    Pramod Mullangath
  • 15-Dec-20
    Good product. Spoon combinations and other descriptions about this product given by Hokosoko are fully correct. It seems to be a long-lasting and useful item.
    Mayank Rohilla Rajput
  • 12-Dec-20
    Value for money.. best for everyday use.
    Sanjoy Maitra
  • 12-Dec-20
    Nice product under this range.
    Thivearaj Deva
  • 12-Dec-20
    . I would recommend buying the hose. It is amazing
    Prakash P
  • 05-Dec-20
    Good combo and super fast delivery too
    Pradeep Singh Tomar
  • 05-Dec-20
    It is very good product and equality also very good day finishing also very nice
    Prashant Sharma
  • 28-Nov-20
    Its really a price worthy product. Good packaging & fast delivery. Thanks GTC & hokosoko
    Kapil Kumar
  • 25-Nov-20
    Its really a very good product. All spoons are heavy weight and of good quality.?
    Ankit Sood
  • 21-Nov-20
    price is high as market
    Mashkoor Chaudhary
  • 15-Nov-20
    ?Comfortable to handle. Shine is great. Very sturdy. Good material. What else to say. Delivery far ahead. Hokosoko always delivers on time or ahead.
    Shahbaj Khan
  • 28-Oct-20
    If you buy these you don?t need to buy any more cooking spoons.
    Abdul Salam
  • 28-Oct-20
    will cost more if bought individually...tried and tested...go for it
    Mandeep Singh
  • 28-Oct-20
    the set is good. useful spoons. one improvement would be in dosa spatula which needs a wodden or plastic handle for grip.
    Pranab Halder
  • 28-Oct-20
    Good product. Steel is of good quality. Sturdy. Liked the look and feel of the product.
    Vincent Kuriakose
  • 24-Oct-20
    I found it perfect for regular daily use.
    Gudigopuram Venu prasad reddy
  • 24-Oct-20
    ?Feels great I loved it
    Abdul Siddiq
  • 24-Oct-20
    Satisfied with product
    Harvikram jit Singh
  • 18-Oct-20
    This is what I was expecting. Price is justified with quality.
    Yoginath Boregaon
  • 18-Oct-20
    Must buy very useful product
    Anil Sonar
  • 18-Oct-20
    Sturdy and Heavy. The quality of product is excellent in this range of cost.. Fast delivery thnks Hokosoko
    Jay Chaudhry
  • 18-Oct-20
    Good to purchase..this is really good
    Arvind Goswami
  • 9-Oct-20
    Seems durable but price was quite high
    Kalaivanan shanmugam
  • 26-Sep-20
    Nice for small family
    Kailash Chandrasekar
  • 26-Sep-20
    ?the quality was worth it
    Jairam Hamilpur
  • 26-Sep-20
    A great buy definite value for money
    Thivearaj Deva
  • 25-Sep-20
    Well very good product .usefull.
    Manikanta Mallivalasa
  • 25-Sep-20
    I like the product.. It is very good quality wise more than expected.
    Mukiri Ravibabu
  • 25-Sep-20
    Very nice quality . Best for everyday use.?
    Muthyala Shivashanker
  • 21-Sep-20
    Product is fine heavy & seems durable. Finish could be better.
    Fazil Ahmed
  • 16-Sep-20
    The product was good.
    K hema Chandra
  • 16-Sep-20
    Loved it..u must have one set
    Anandha Kumar
  • 16-Sep-20
    Rest is very nice good working
    Shiju Raju
  • 6-Sep-20
    Amazing product but i like to change its price
    Guru Raj
  • 2-Sep-20
    Didnt expected the quality to be that good for the money.. as compared to products sold in stores.but this is really awsm
    Sebastian Thomas
  • 02-Sep-20
    ?the product is of genuinely very good quality.
    Thivearaj Deva
  • 02-Sep-20
    Best product available in online marketing.
    Krish Krishna
  • 24-Jul-20
    Worth buying. go for it
    Vrushabh Jadhav
  • 18-May-20
    Its worth the money. Good buy
    Ravi Kumar
  • 18-May-20
    Highly recommended.
    Dada Peer
  • 18-May-20
    I liked the product very much and am giving it 5 stars.
    Sachin Birajdar
  • 8-May-20
    I like this product quality is also good
    Prem kumar Arivalagan
  • 24/08/2020
    i got serving spoons in very good condition , the order delivery is late but the product is very good
    ranjita arora
  • can?t comment on its durability"
    "I got it for ?1299. It?s value for money. Since I haven?t used it for long
    Akhila Shiju
  • 13/08/2020
    Value for money but website not working properly
    Bhaskar Kaur
  • 14/08/2020
    Liked in this price. Good quality and size
    akriti jaiswal
  • premium built quality. Value for money product"
    "Pure stainless steel
    Vishal Thapa
  • we are used to lighter ones..."
    "Great Quality. Very heavy though for Indian usage
    Akki Chaudhary
  • size as expected and quality amazing service of Hokosoko"
    "value for money. Build was strong
    Harsh Kumar



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