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Stationery Kit For School Kids | Pack Of 1 | Blue

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Expected Delivery Time : 3 to 5 Business working days







This Stationery Kit contains all the stationery items required on day to day basis. It is printed with kids’ favourite cartoon characters that make it more attractive. This stationery kit is liked by the children of all age groups. It is a great option for return gift in kid’s birthday parties. 



SPECIFICATION: Pack contains: 2 Pencils, 1 Sharpener, 1 Rubber, 1 Diary & 1 Scale, Colour: Blue. 

• DURABLE & SAFE: Made up of non-toxic, high-quality material that ensures longevity and makes it safe for the kids.

• DESIGN: Attractively designed cartoon printed stationery kit that your kid will love to use.

• PERFECT FOR SCHOOL KIDS: Box of happiness for school going children with all the essentials in one place.

• IDEAL GIFT: Perfect gifting item for the kids on birthdays, Christmas party and other special occasions.


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85 Rating(s) & 85 Review(s)

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  • 5-Dec-21
    Jst go for it..highly recommend
    Muhammad akeel Khan
  • 8-May-21
    ?Nice try guys
    Sujatha Ala
  • 25-Apr-21
    bahot axa hai ap zarur kharide
    Rahul More
  • 22-Apr-21
    Excellent purchase... Quality bag
    N Khongsai
  • 12-Apr-21
    They are totally safe for kids. its affordable too.
    Aerraj Ajay
  • 1-Apr-21
    My daughter loved it! Beautiful ..
    Chandrakant Sonawane
  • 20-Mar-21
    Value for money! Great gifting option
    Ninad Chavan
  • 19-Mar-21
    I loved it..thnxxxxx
    Dius Maliakkal
  • 16-Mar-21
    This product is awesome my daughter loves it
    Samson Abraham
  • 3/9/2021
    It is a good product in cheap price
    Sandeep Bhumkar
  • 3/8/2021
    Very worthy products can purchase every one..
    Nevin A s
  • 3/7/2021
    I just loved this product
    Vinod Kumar
  • 3/6/2021
    It is comfortable and durable. Would recommend everyone to use it once..
    Abib Mathew
  • 3/5/2021
    Its good nice and comfortable .. I like this product alot
    Sanjeev Pawar
  • 3/4/2021
    I am feeling so happy after using this
    Noufal Shah
  • 3/3/2021
    this is so comfortable in using and very good
    Karan kumar Ningangari
  • 3/2/2021
    Quality of the product is too good.. Thanks
    Vijaykumar S
  • 2-Mar-21
    I like that product
    Surendar Rana
  • 3/1/2021
    Product is nice and quality is also superb
    Syed mohammed Amair
  • 2/28/2021
    It is a useful product. A good purchase.
    Suman Gera
  • 2/27/2021
    Product is durable... price is a little on higher side But overall its a good product.
    Shibesh Shibesh
  • 2/26/2021
    Amazing product but i like if the price can be reduced
    Yogesh Agarwal
  • 2/25/2021
    Very trusted supplier. thanks I like this product
    Mandar Kulkarni
  • 2/24/2021
    Its the quality is best and I am Happy that the product stands to the mark .I like this product.
    Sadannd M
  • 2/23/2021
    Good product. Received as described. value for money?
    Affaq Ullah
  • 23-Feb-21
    This product is worth of amount
    Mamatha Reddy
  • 2/22/2021
    Works fine I Like the product
    Jai ganesh Ganesh
  • 2/21/2021
    Product is good
    Manoj Kumar
  • 2/20/2021
    not too good but fine to purchase
    Emmadi Bhanuchamder
  • 2/19/2021
    This product is more sturdy. Definitely easy to use.
    Sreeraj R
  • 2/18/2021
    The product is useful and seems well built... I liked it
    Shri Dhar
  • 2/17/2021
    Highly recommend to buy...
    Saurav Dutt
  • 2/16/2021
    quality is good
    Vishavjeet Singh
  • 12-Feb-21
    I like all the things in this pouch..package is very cute
    Alimul Hoque
  • 2/2/2021
    quality of product is good.
    Praveen Kumar
  • 2/1/2021
    Worth the price
    Sajal Shrivastava
  • 1/30/2021
    no concern and my entire family liked your product. Thanxxx
    Girish M p
  • 1/29/2021
    Love it... very easy to use
    J.kala Florance
  • 1/28/2021
    Happy with it. Good product
    Mutta Kalyani
  • 1/27/2021
    Received the package in perfect condition. Well packed. happy with the product.
    Sobia Salma
  • 1/26/2021
    Excellent item and if its possible plz make amount 50rs less
    Sisha Sunil
  • 1/25/2021
    I'll wait a couple of months to say whether it is value for money. but overall Product is good.
    Swarna Vayigandla
  • 1/24/2021
    Totally value for money. Arrived early than mentioned date. Very good seller.Product is really good
    Vinayak Vinay
  • 1/23/2021
    . Very cheap and very effective!
    Arun A
  • 1/22/2021
    5 stars for the product. Works perfectly
    Sujatha P
  • 1/21/2021
    Good product I just love it.
    Vijay Goud
  • 1/20/2021
    Lovely products...I love it
    Ashif Achi
  • 1/19/2021
    Gifted this to a relative and he was beyond happy.?
    Avinash Pudi
  • 1/18/2021
    The product is good and Worth for money
    Jiltha Jeffrey
  • 1/17/2021
    really attractive loved it
    Shafeekh Pv
  • 1/16/2021
    Overall it is really nice product
    Deepa Reju
  • 1/15/2021
    Amazing product but i like if the price can be reduced
    Jancy Yohannan
  • 9-Jan-21
    best at low cost! I can recommend for beginners!
    Jisha Vinil
  • 1-Jan-21
    ?Excellent purchase and quality
    Rajesh Patole
  • 31-Dec-20
    Must Buy online. Was reluctant to purchase these after the audits yet enjoyably shocked when I got the bundle today. They are totally charming and cute as birthday celebrations bring presents back.
  • 31-Dec-20
    Product is very good.. Useful for kids.. But box Is small compring to picture..
    gaurav chavan
  • 30-Dec-20
    Plastic used in minions is of poor quality.
  • 30-Dec-20
    best stationery kit for kids. Extremely pleasant for a bring blessing back. adorable look. The box isn't extremely tough however it remains the equivalent even after days. Pens are alright also. An incentive for cash and worth the cost thinking about the look and convenience.same even after days. Pens are ok as well. Value for money and worth the price considering the look and usability.
    sushil kumar
  • 29-Dec-20
    Excellent as to bring blessings back. Kids adored the Cute little flunky boxes with sketch pens. The size is little however wouldn't fret.
  • 29-Dec-20
    Very bad product all pens are damaged
    Pratap Kumar Roy
  • 28-Dec-20
    Really it's nice to present for kids they will definitely enjoy this gift.
  • 28-Dec-20
    I got this pack for my little girl's birthday bring present back. Youngsters adored these! Even after they are finished with the tones they could utilize the boxes as toys!
    Pranjal saigal
  • 27-Dec-20
    This was requested as a return present to the youngsters going to my girl's birthday celebration. Despite the fact that the blessing filled its need the plastic quality might have been something more
    Himanshu v.
  • 27-Dec-20
    great bring endowments back. the sketch pens are not all that good in quality yet work alright. Kids love the crony box
  • 26-Dec-20
    I requested 30 cases for my child's fifth Birthday... Kids simply cherished them.. Each of the 30 came in great condition..Thanks for a stunning arrangement.
    Marumudi Sekhar
  • 26-Dec-20
    Generally excellent item with flunky box and outlines inside. The portrayals were great and the box quality additionally great. Purchased this as a bring blessing back. my child's birthday.
  • 25-Dec-20
    It was a decent return gift...all kids cherished it... the quality of the sketch pens isn't exceptionally incredible however the box is acceptable..
    Jitendra Kumar
  • 25-Dec-20
    Overall quite adorable looking pencil boxes. Gotten entirely stuffed and no harm. Sketch pens' ink is lighter in conceal contrasted with the other sketch pens(like Faber castellCamlin etc.).Decent buy.
    Rahul koul
  • 15-Dec-20
    My daughter luved it She is really enjoying
    Manov Roy
  • 12-Dec-20
    I loved it guysss..thnks for this
    Rajkumar Puram
  • 27-Oct-20
    This is so good I love this product
    Robert Dsa
  • 24-Oct-20
    Very nice product for gifting to students
    Mayank Soni
  • 18-Oct-20
    My SISTER loved it as she loves kit
    Raju Madhavan
  • 9-Oct-20
    Perfect to engage kids..
    Subrata kumar Das
  • 26-Sep-20
    Good to purchase
    Rajkumar Puram
  • 25-Sep-20
    very good quality..I am very happy.
    Tennyson Singh
  • 21-Sep-20
    So bendable! Loved working with it Loved the product!
    Sunil Nair
  • 16-Sep-20
    good?.u can buy
    Prasad Parasu
  • 6-Sep-20
    My son loves it. He enjoys coloring. Coloring makes child focus improve motor skills.
    Rajesh Rjs
  • 2-Sep-20
    Wao soo cute?
    Amit Sansanwal
  • 24-Jul-20
    Ever since my daughter has started walking..I have never seen her sitting at one place.. But these kits is amazing and has got all her attention..
    Danny Karki
  • 22-Jun-20
    Good activity kit for kids
    Manash p Borah
  • 18-May-20
    I bought it for my daughter and she loved it
    Noordeen Samzo
  • 8-May-20
    I am really happy as this kit keeps my son busy. Worth buying
    Ahmed Khan
  • ...as it has more cute stationery items."
    "My sister especially wanted the LED unicorn pen. But got this
    Ronit Kumar



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