• Spin Floor Cleaning Easy Bucket Pvc Mop with 2 Microfiber Heads
GTC (HSIN 105583)

Spin Floor Cleaning Easy Bucket Pvc Mop With 2 Microfiber Heads

92 Ratings & 92 Reviews
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Expected Delivery Time : 3 to 5 Business working days







GTC 360° spin mop has been designed with superabsorbent feature for easy and better cleaning. It has a super spin system which makes drying and refilling faster. It has a simple and handy design and does not require any power supply. Due to its 360° rotating mop plate it reaches anywhere. This unique cotton fiber mop head achieves perfect cleaning result. It helps you clean all the difficult areas of the house like under the refrigerator, bathroom corners and others. The mop handle can be adjusted from 45 to 180 degrees for more comfortable cleaning. Helps keep your hands away from the dirty water and saves your back from backaches while cleaning and mopping. It can be used wet for removing stains or dry for dusting.


DESIGN: GTC’s durable telescopic handle is fully extendable and will not strain your wrists. The bucket features a special spin dry basket that will easily remove all excess water from the mop, allowing it to retain just the necessary dampness you need to ensure a good clean.

HIGH QUALITY: It has a sturdy design and resists rust, stains and odour.

MULTIPURPOSE: You can use the mop to also clean your car. The microfibers will not damage or leave any scratch while using. The 360 ° swivel head reaches all corners of your room and pivots under the furniture, so you don’t have to bend! It will get hair, dirt, dust and grime off the floor so you don’t have to sweep, bend over, or touch a dirty mop again!


1) Eligible for Return and Refund, You can place a return request within 10 days of order delivery. 2) Please create a short video while unboxing the product to replace the defective, missing, wrong product, mismatch, wrong size or empty parcel. Upload the video on my account or send us the video via email (support@hokosoko.com) within 48 hours ( 2 Days ) of delivery. 3) Replacement will be issued only if it is determined that the item was not damaged while in your possession, or is not different from what was shipped to you. 4) For more information please visit our refund policy.

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92 Rating(s) & 92 Review(s)

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  • 5-Dec-21
    Excellent product genuine seller
    Meghali Konwar
  • 12-03-2021
    ?Lovely product!!grt deal
    Kalai Selvi
  • 11-03-2021
    This one has beautiful and colourful illumination
    Sanatan Khatua
  • 10-03-2021
    It is good.
    Sharad Rane
  • 09-03-2021
    Really nice one
    Rakesh Yadav
  • 08-03-2021
    Wonderful .fantastic superb Just Buy it .
    Ranjith M
  • 07-03-2021
    Good product and value for money
    Kalidoss Krishnan
  • 06-03-2021
    Superb quality .loved it
    Akbar Pasha
  • 8-May-21
    The rod is also strong and the joint to rod is also much strong.
    Sai Goud
  • 05-03-2021
    ?Liked it soooo much .
    Saravanan V
  • 25-Apr-21
    Definitely go for it if you want to make mopping easy.
    Syed Mubarak
  • 22-Apr-21
    Felt happy with this because its strong and working great.
    Abdul Latiff
  • 12-Apr-21
    Go for it without any hesitation awsmm product
    Abdul Rahman
  • 04-03-2021
    Nice innovative product
    Thummide Praveen kumar
  • 1-Apr-21
    overall great product and quality
    Pnandhakumar Panchalingam
  • 30-Mar-21
    Cleaning becomes very easy Im very happy with this purchase
    Vinayak Hosamath
  • 20-Mar-21
    You can go ahead with eyes closed and buy it. In these time when others are over charging and taking advantage this is reasonably priced...
    Bhavin Soneta
  • 20-Mar-21
    Bucket is strong and durable. No issues till now.
    Bijeet Dutta
  • 19-Mar-21
    Awesome product. I must say I am So happy with the purchase.
    Amol Lokhande
  • 18-Mar-21
    Average Product and Quality. But good product at this range.
    Rajesh Rjs
  • 16-Mar-21
    Best MOP ever. Very great product
    Kanya Kumari
  • 15-Mar-21
    Good Product Value For Money
    Subrata kumar Das
  • 10-Mar-21
    Yes its really easy and funny mopping with it. How its drying the pad is really amazing.
    Aerraj Ajay
  • 10-Mar-21
    the seller is genuine which is highly appreciable. Initially had asked the seller if I should go for this model or expensive one unlike many out there he suggested to go with this model as it served all my needs.
    Manash p Borah
  • 5-Mar-21
    Felt happy with this because it is strong and working great.
    Mamatha Reddy
  • 3-Mar-21
    I searched for so much time and ordered another mop but returned it because that was bad and the microfiber pad is coming out while drying or soaking it..but this is really helpful
    Manov Roy
  • 03-03-2021
    ?Working nicely?.thnxxx
    Narender Kumar
  • 2-Mar-21
    Very handy product just awesome good quality bucket n mop
    Rahul Surya
  • 23-Feb-21
    Straining excess water is effortless. Brilliant product.
    D.gopal Reddy
  • 21-Feb-21
    Awesome product. I must say I am So happy with the purchase.
    Danny Karki
  • 15-Feb-21
    Cleaning becomes very easy I am very happy with this purchase
    Sunil Nair
  • 12-Feb-21
    Good quality...does what it should
    Harisha r Kannalli
  • 10-Feb-21
    Very handy product just awesome good quality bucket n mop
    Ahmed Khan
  • 02-03-2021
    ?worth the money.
    Anu Shaju
  • 9-Jan-21
    This is the first time I am writing a review because this product is really very good and at this time we really need a product like this to make our daily life easy.
    Rakesh Kavathankar
  • 01-03-2021
    Excellent concept.unique product
    Rocky Rocky
  • 01-03-2021
    Ok for the price paid.
    Kannachukala Kannachukala
  • 1-Jan-21
    I searched for so much time and ordered another mop but returned it but this is amazing
    Nagaraj Appanna
  • 23-Dec-20
    "Excellent product! The primary piece of the product its smooth plan. Lightweight and zero exertion turning pail and twist mop. Simple to utilize Enjoyed the product. Sturdiness as per utilization. Audit as indicated by the principal day utilization."
  • 22-Dec-20
    It's been an actually quite terrible experience. The bar halted in two months. The guarantee is for 1 year however there no chance you can contact to merchant and hokosoko has stooped assuming liability. It's not abt just cash yet envision the experience
  • 21-Dec-20
    Exquisite looking Spin Mop Bucket. The plastic is acceptable. The length of the pole is great. Overall a generally excellent item. Simple to collect and simple to utilize. It's certainly an incentive for cash. Much thanks to you for an hokosoko!
  • 21-Dec-20
    "Nice plastic with big bucket.It's a nice Spin mop bucket"
    Nihar Oad
  • 19-Dec-20
    The item is great. I'm actually utilizing it and it's truly in acceptable condition
  • 19-Dec-20
    Discovered awesome product thus smooth working incentive for cash
    Sai Rohit
  • 18-Dec-20
    The plastic is firm and sturdy while the cotton mop is delicate and assimilates water well. The mop pole is strong and floats effectively on the floor...
  • 15-Dec-20
    ?Very efficient and effortless. Strongly recommend
    Amjad Choudhury
  • 12-Dec-20
    Great brand and product quality
    Ashok Patole
  • 24-Oct-20
    If u want a mop definitely this is the best choice. You wont regret it.
    Gitta Raghavendra
  • 18-Oct-20
    Overall as of now it is doing what it is supposed to do... my back is hurting a little less.
    Abhishek Thakur
  • 9-Oct-20
    Very comfortable tool to clean floor
    Kavita Panwar
  • 26-Sep-20
    You can go ahead with eyes closed and buy it.?
    Vempati Haribabu
  • 25-Sep-20
    Yes its really easy and funny mopping with it
    Naveen Kumar
  • 21-Sep-20
    The product is very useful. It spins properly properly when someone tries to dry the mop or get wet. No need to bend while cleaning.
    Vijay Shetty
  • 16-Sep-20
    ?it cleans n mops quite well.
    G Satish
  • 6-Sep-20
    The stick is flexible to go underneath of bed or sofa. Good to buy..
    Mani Reddy
  • 2-Sep-20
    Have used similar advertised mops from other seller this is better quality price..bigger mop size and refills are available at very reasonable price.
    Ashok Patole
  • 24-Jul-20
    This is the third mop that I bought during the lockdown and undoubtedly this is the best one and absolutely effortless.
    Umakanta Behera
  • 22-Jun-20
    Its a great deal. Quality is superb finishing quality is awesome.
    Jayachandran S
  • 18-May-20
    My baby & hubby too liked it...she for the first time cleaned a room & saying using it is really fun.
    Suresh V
  • 8-May-20
    Overall as of now it is doing what it is supposed to do... my back is hurting a little less.. n it cleans n mops quite well..
    Chhavi kumar Gupta
  • 28-02-2021
    ?A must have product!
    Amarendra Amar
  • 27-02-2021
    ?Seller and Hokosoko thank you ....for this product
    Arun Selvan
  • 26-02-2021
    I loved this product... it is worth buying...?
    Mukesh Veera
  • 25-02-2021
    I really appreciate I bought same product many times... they never send me bad or damaged product...
    Durga Tiwari
  • 24-02-2021
    ?Decent for price paid
    Girish Sarva
  • 23-02-2021
    Product is nice as describe Good Quality
    Shivashankar K
  • 22-02-2021
    Quality is good not the best but for this price it is awesome.
    Sai Kumar
  • 21-02-2021
    Nice go for it
    Lokesh Nani
  • 20-02-2021
    loved it
    Renjith Mohan
  • 19-02-2021
    valur for money
    Shelton Benjamin
  • 29-03-2021
    I have been using this for a week now and it works as designed
    Aparna Aparna
  • 28-03-2021
    Its a beauty. That's what everyone said when they saw it.
    Reena Tennyson
  • 27-03-2021
    Wow product best out there!
    Biplab Saha
  • 26-03-2021
    it turned out to be awesome.
    Shri Dhar
  • 25-03-2021
    It is thick and robust.?
    Prashant Tatiwar
  • 24-03-2021
    This is the best one out there.
    Arjun Kumar
  • 23-03-2021
    ?I was happy with my purchase. Thank you!
    S. gayathri Karthik
  • 22-03-2021
    I am happy with the purchase and I do recommend it.
    Prabu Prabu
  • 21-03-2021
    Have been using it for almost a week. I am happy with my selection
    Abdul jaleel Vp
  • 20-03-2021
    looking for a good product..this is the one
    Santram Murjani
  • 19-03-2021
    Good products with good design
    Th Romison
  • 18-03-2021
    I was very happy to receive the product in good shape.
    Syed iqbal Aziz
  • 17-03-2021
    Product worked fine?good job.
    S Narasimha
  • 16-03-2021
    ?Very good post sales service
    Prabakaran Krishnasamy
  • 15-03-2021
    Great product. Looks chic as well!
    Preeti Murkar
  • 14-03-2021
    Perfect..Totally worth the price
    Sudha Kannadhasan
  • 13-03-2021
    Beautiful item at reasonable price?
    V prasanna Venkatesh
  • it is equivalent to the neighborhood item as it were. The spin tub is comprised of feeble plastic wh
    "Try not to purchase in this spin mop bucket name of hokosoko brand name
    Susanta Gorai
  • I request by and by for my mother. Should buy."
    "As indicated by value quality excellent spin mop bucket. It's truly unforeseen. I requested for myself and subsequent to looking quality
    Rajat Kumar Roy
  • supplant the item subsequent to checking before conveyance for fulfillment execution"
    "According to utilization guidelines: step3: end with mop bucket head can't embed and screw for fitting. So if it's not too much trouble
    Deepak tijori
  • aside from that steel turning drum is acceptable. The compartment quality is satisfactory. The handl
    "The nature of the draw handle is low. Yet
    Tinku Sinha
  • hokosoko brand is there u can aimlessly trust . I generally trust on hokosoko brand I never check su
    "Pleasant quality and helpful .... Also




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