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Taking bath during winters in the morning especially if you don’t have a geyser is a challenging task. There are two types of geysers available on the market, one is a storage geyser and the other is an instant geyser. We at Hokosoko offer you a wide variety of geysers from various top brands. We even have small-sized geysers for the kitchen. Just visit our website and shop for the geyser of your choice at never before prices.

Online Shopping for Geysers at Hokosoko

With a wide range of geysers in the market, it is obvious that you might get confused in choosing the best one for your home. If you are looking for a water geyser and don’t know what is the right fit for you then don’t worry we are here to help you. We have water geysers for everybody’s needs. Getting a hot shower after a long tiring day is so relaxing and rejuvenating. The hot water creates a medicinal effect in our body which can give relief from muscle rigidity. Nowadays, water geysers have become a basic necessity in everyone’s lives. At Hokosoko, you will never run out of geyser varieties. The most important thing which you have to decide is which type of geyser you will choose for your home – electric, gas or solar. 
Electric Geyser 
Electric geysers are the most commonly used geysers. When you purchase an electric geyser choose the one which has lesser heat loss and consumes less electricity. Basically, choose the geyser with a higher star rating.
Gas Geysers 
Gas geysers work on propane and LPG gas. These geysers provide a constant flow of hot water and heat water immediately. These types of geysers are less power efficient than electric geysers.
Solar Geysers
Solar geysers operate by absorbing heat from the roof-mounted sun panels. After this, the solar energy captured is converted into heat with the help of a thermal collector and then goes to the water tank. Some solar geysers even work on electricity so you can also use them as electric geysers when required. 
Parameters to Check for Purchasing Geyser
Here are some features which you should before buying geyser online or in-store:
Energy Efficient: Check the star rating of the geyser while shopping for the geyser. The higher the star rating of the geyser, the better will be its efficiency. Also, to be sure about the quality and safety, check the ISI mark.
Auto Thermal Cut Off: This feature automatically switches off the geyser when it reaches its maximum temperature thereby preventing you and your space from any accidental damage. 
Hard Water Protection: Some places have a hard water supply that can cause damage to your geyser. So, if you also have a hard water supply in your area choose the geyser with a hard water protection feature as it increases the life expectancy of the geyser. 
Safety Valve: This feature is helpful in controlling the temperature and pressure of the water. It automatically releases pressure and discharges water if the pressure exceeds the limit set in advance.
So these were the basic parameters you should check while purchasing the geyser. Come to Hokosoko to choose a geyser according to your needs and make payment through online payment modes or cash on delivery, as per your convenience.

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