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    Rating 15 Ratings & 15 Reviews
    HSIN 101186
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      GTC 360° Spin PVC Mop provides you with spotless cleaning without getting your hands dirty. It comes with a super spin system which makes drying faster. This 360-degree rotating mop easily reaches difficult corners of your house. The liquid dispenser with this combo comes with a hidden plunger action that releases the soap into the bristles for effective cleaning. You will also get a dustpan and glass wiper with this product. Dustpan will allow you to collect the dust without having to touch it. The glass wiper is designed for removing water from windows and shower screens. It has a contoured handle with a hanging hole at the top that makes it easy to store when not in use.

      Get 1 Liquid Dispenser, 1 Dustpan & 1 Glass Wiper Free, Material: Stainless Steel & PVC, Size: Handle Length - 113 to 120 cm; Mop Head - 16.5 cm; Bucket - 46 cm x 26 cm x 25 cm.
      DESIGN: Designed with a super spin system that makes drying faster and microfibre refill that comes with super-absorbent capacity.
      EASY TO USE: Comes with a 360-degree rotating swivel head for easy and better cleaning experience.
      DURABLE: Made up of high-quality stainless steel and PVC that keeps the mop free from rust and stain.
      Easy to Store: Comes with a release and locking system and can be shortened to save space.

      10 Days Replacement/Return

      1) Eligible for Return and Refund, You can place a return request within 10 days of order delivery. 2) Please create a short video while unboxing the product to replace the defective, missing, wrong product, mismatch, wrong size or empty parcel. Upload the video on my account or send us the video via email ( within 48 hours ( 2 Days ) of delivery. 3) Replacement will be issued only if it is determined that the item was not damaged while in your possession, or is not different from what was shipped to you. 4) For more information please visit our refund policy.

      Ratings and Reviews


      15 Rating(s) & 15 Review(s)

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      • Ankita Sharma
        ?Superior in Quality. Strongness and Durability. At the point when my old mop bucket bought from open market got cracked. I was an earnest need of buy a good one. In the wake of looking through a ton online. I picked this one with some doubt about quality. Presently in the wake of utilizing it for over 3 months I have no any doubt because of its good quality and easy to use. Bucket and spin handle materials are so good and solid as correlation with my messed up old mop. additionally handle is thick and solid Best. Moping-Easy. Looking-Beautiful. According to my past buy insight of 3-4 months this model of GTC Mop is best taking into account Quality. Strongest and Durability.
      • Kurapati Dharmarao
        ?Awesome product. Works great and the mop evaporates by spinning well indeed. There are just 3 little cons: 1. At the point when you are draining the bucket. even in the wake of eliminating the elastic seal. some water is still left over in the bucket. So you need to get the whole bucket and tip it to the side to totally discharge it. 2. The apportioning bottle is excessively little and basically useless to store the cleaning cleanser in appropriate amounts. 3. The get handle used to drag the bucket from one space to another is extremely unstable and feels like it could sever whenever. Wish more thicker plastic was used to make this. Overall. I would in any case recommend this as the best section level mop that can be used standing. Ideal for individuals who would prefer not to crouch mop their floors that way.
      • Mohanan Pp
        Great mop system for the price. Truly strong mop. I use this mop daily and I don't feel like I have mopped the house by any means. It's so advantageous and gets into every one of the books and crevices without quite a bit of an exertion on my side. It requires some investment to dry and so I keep the fans on. This mop is solid to the point that it tumbled from the fifth floor of my loft to the cellar (while I was drying it) and it's totally fine. I'm as yet ready to use it as in the past.
      • Gopi Reddaboina
        ?Strong and effective mop. This is a practically well planned mopping framework. It doesn't take a lot space. The tone and configuration are satisfying. Useful highlights: 1. Has an extensible bag like plastic handle to pull along on two wheels (doesn't have four wheels). 2. Bucket like handle as well on the off chance that you need to carry it. 3. The mop rinser/drainer is made of steel. I don't think steel has a major effect aside from feel and durability. 4. The guide set up is easy as well ( accompanies 2 microfibre mops. I.e. an extra). 5. The drain plug at the base looks solid. 6. The rod can be used at a point while the guide remains level on a superficial level. Transforming it back to vertical is easy with hand and foot work. This alongside extendibility of the rod makes it easy for individuals of different statures to use it. 7. The pivot set up where the mop meets the rod empowers one to completely twist the rod. even as the mop stay level on a superficial level. permitting one to effectively reach far under the furnishings. The overall stature in this position is most likely close to 2.5-3 inches and one could without much of a stretch take this under the foot stool. What could be better: 1: the printed guidance sheet doesn't delineate for a lot. particularly about draining the mop in the wake of dunking in water. 2. The washing could be more successful without needing to step on the mop. There are two different ways to rinse a. Press the mop hard in the washing drum and its plan will drain the mop. Overall a lovely useful and well planned framework. I thought that it was. actually. easy to mop the entire house when I 'was elected' to introduce it.
      • Sherleen Paul
        ?Good fit for a small family. simple. durable. easy to use. An incredible buy during current circumstance where servants are away. The greatest advantage of this product is you are saved of constant cleaning and pressing of mop while cleaning your home. Despite the fact that it may not be the awesome quality and may not live for quite a long time. it is advantageous for DIY work and worth penny till it keeps going.
      • Dhaneesh Ev
        Value for money. GTC spin mop with steel inside is working exceptionally compelling. my work turned out to be extremely easy subsequent to buying this product. when we use an ordinary mop we should drag the bucket with weight and it will be intense. Here spin mop we have haggles to move on so it is easy to pull all over the place. And we have water outlet tats truly is easy to use . easy to clean . space saving over all I will give 5 out of 5
      • Anil kumar cj Ceejay
        Super Convenient. It is easy to use and easy to clean all the house. It is useful for each one of those individuals who have back agonies and knee issues. It likewise saves time for obligation going individuals. From me this a superab awesome and marvelous product. I like Hokosoko shopping because of their good products quality same as the product appeared in picture and their conveyances at time. I recommend individuals to buy this for your mom grandmother or your family members who can't make their home clean. On the off chance that this in your home their is no need to have a maid or servant in your home.
      • Rc Nair
        Nice and easy to use product. This is exceptionally easy to use product. The form of the bucket is exceptionally durable and the look is decent. In any case. the handle appears to be minimal firm to spin during mop soil cleaning in water bucket. yet spins effectively during spin drying. I would recommend a couple of plan improvements: a little sturdier mop handle. an oil distributor with the bundle and an adjustable steel handle with an auto lock (like an umbrella) for the truck. and a castor wheel on the front for simplicity of transport.
      • Ramesh M
        ?Satisfactory product. The quality of the bucket is awesome. Albeit some paint has stripped from the mop. The quality of microfiber mop might have been something more. Previously wearing off following 15 days of use. Overall fulfilled. particularly in the hours of lockdown. Thanks to Hokosoko for brief fast delivery in lockdown time.
      • Kishore Kumar
        Makes mopping easy. The handle of mop is bit on heavier side. but since it is very solid and comprised of metal. so it's alright for it to be heavy. One become acclimated to it with time. The bucket is made of decent quality plastic with metal spinning part. and has 2 wheels which make it easy to move around. Have been utilizing it for some time. would say overall quality is good. easy to use and makes cleaning easy
      • Mahendra chandra rabha
        Nice product better than other mops. It's good and better than others only one idea with respect to the handle which is used to pull the tub. The handle is of low quality And it is thin and not durable on the main use it fell off. If it's not too much trouble. use good quality plastic as you have used in any remaining pieces of the product
      • Ajaay Bhandekar
        ?Easy to use easy to clean worth for money. Actually an awesome quality product got from Hokosoko. My mother uses in consistently premise and it's been 2 months she is utilizing and it works perfectly with no issues. The product accompanies 2 crowds which is great at this price esteem. Should say the bucket. stick and crowd quality is actually excessively good. The material of crowd is thick and stick is flexible. Same as picture appeared. The best part is wheels. You don't need to carry u can without much of a stretch draw it. Much thanks to you so much Hokosoko
      • Vishnu Kumar.b.r
        Super purchase. Thank you Hokosoko. The product is very good.... The quality of the moping is great... Very clean... Pretty intuitive to assemble?
      • R Shanmugavel
        Good Quality. Excellent value for money. Indian Mop. Made in India. not at all like a considerable lot of these mops made in China! Good quality plastics. steel wringer. tasteful tone and finish. With the price offered fantastic incentive for cash as the product is much better than some other ones in this price range.
      • Nityananda Borah
        ?Very sturdy product. Utilizing it more a month now. And this is quite nice cleaning mop. Plastic quality is solid and appears as though it will remain for at home for long. I saw others brand and quality also however this one checks all the cases. No misgivings if u are searching for mop. Simply go with this aimlessly.


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