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Rating 44 Ratings & 44 Reviews
HSIN 101290
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    Save space in your room and keep your shoes in tip top shape with this fabric shoe organizer. Keep your shoes clean, well-organized and neat in one spot. Apart from the mess it creates, some shoes are exposed to dirt and are tougher to clean. Instead of putting them on right away, you'll have to spend a few minutes polishing or scrubbing them. Then, neatly arrange your shoes in one spot to keep them fresh, clean, and ready to wear anytime, you'll love to see how your old shoes can stay brand fresh-looking for years. The shoe storage box is made of breathable fabric that lets air flow through minimizing any odors.

    DUST PROOF COVER: This under bed shoe organizer features a transparent see-through cover with super strong and smooth zipper. It helps you see what’s inside and keeps the dust away.

    STORE YOUR SHOES OUT OF SIGHT: Who wants to see their shoes getting scruffy and dusty on a shoe rack? Store your kicks under your bed with this durable shoe storage organizer.

    VERSATILE: It is not only for shoes, but can be used in your wardrobe, dormitory room, garage, shed, and attic.

    SPACIOUS: Designed to hold 12 pairs of shoes under the bed.

    EASILY FOLDS UP: When you do not have any shoes to store, you can simply fold this great organizer and put it wherever you please.

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    Ratings and Reviews


    44 Rating(s) & 44 Review(s)

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    • Bhavya
      Small size not give me a standrad size
    • Swathy Nair
      This means the partitions don't stick to the back/bottom of the case so I have my thin sandals fall through all the time. I don't mind this since I'm not even opening it every day but I could see how it would bother other people. I'm sure if you store it horizontally under the bed like it's supposed to be stored you will not have this problem :)
    • Deepshikha dutta
      it contains lots of space partitions you can move around to accommodate sizes and the zippers work great. I like the dark gray color as well.
    • Carvalho
      The cardboard bottom is also another thing that ?sold me? on this item. I like that the bottom is sturdy instead of flimsy. The walls are sturdy also! Major plus for me! The plastic cover and the handles seem like nice quality
    • Neeti
      I can't tell quite yet about durability but it feels pretty sturdy. I've owned shoe storages like this before but the plastic ripped pretty quickly so hoping this one last longer. I was able to fit like 8 pairs of shoes and some sandles.
    • Sourabh
      This thing has sooo much room and is the perfect size! You could easily fit two side by side under a Queen Bed I might have to get another one!
    • Roshni Dey
      I got this to use for extra storage of miscellaneous items that I usually just stuff under my bed. I LOVE that the slots are Velcro and can be moved to fit whatever you need! It?s not weak Velcro either it seems very strong.
      Poorly constructed. If the inner pieces fit like they were supposed to this would be much more workable. The strips to stick the middle dividing section on are placed wrongly so it throws the entire inside off and makes some of the sections smaller than others. It will do in a pinch.
    • Surya Prakash
      it feels like they can last! Same with the overall material it doesn?t feel like it?s going to fall apart anytime soon!
    • Prashanti
      There is a chance the legos go under the dividers (which velcro on and are adjustable) but looks nice for now. We are keeping it in his room under his bed away from 1 yo sibling
    • Suresh N.
      Wonderful product. Delivered the very next day. Fits 12 pairs of shoes. Fits perfectly under my wardrobe.
    • Jagjit kaur
      Just as the picture !!! As soon as I got it I organised my footwear into it . What a blessing the product is !! I can see my footwear in one stroke and decide quickly and store it using very compact place !!! Thank u !
    • Tanuj chakraborty
      Excellent pouch... Very sturdy unlike the earlier ones I bought which were poor thin n flimsy.. Footwear does not get mixed with one another....
    • Chetan Rathod
      Quality is worth the price. Should recommend others to buy this.
    • balbir singh
      I love the storage capacity this brings and the ease of hiding this away under the bed or a diwan... But doubt the durability of this... Esp the quality of the zip... You have to handle it carefully... If you are not going to pull this in n out everyday and use it only once in a while... Then it will last for long
    • sarfraj singh
      Let me clear u.... This prdct is not abt travelling or hanging .... Mainly used for organizing flip-flops/sandles in prfct manner .
    • Dr.S.S.Prasad
      Not ideal for solid shoes . Nothing in it (walls/base) is solid plastic . Everything is made of sponge n good cushion material .Must to buy pdct if u want to place it in wardrobe or under the bed/sofa
    • Anoop Alex
      Fits very well under my bed. I could fit 11 pairs of shoes (one pair was very bulky otherwise you can fit 12 pairs easily). It looks very neat and not as flimsy as I thought although there is room for a sturdier case to be made for shoe storage.
    • reshmi bhowmick
      I also think it's not very sturdy but no one is planning to carry it around like a suitcase right? Serves its purpose.
    • Sandesh Shailly
      I bought it thinking it will hold shoes in the place. This has flaps designed like this -|-|-|- . They are not stitched on the bottom. If this organiser is not full your shoes will make a pile at the bottom. Disappointed. Also the product I recieved looked like it was beaten before sending it to me. It had so many marks on plasticy outer cover.
    • Sidhartha Lenka
      Not happy bad product
    • Renjith Pasupalan
      I can't tell quite yet about durability but it feels pretty sturdy. I've owned shoe storages like this before but the plastic ripped pretty quickly so hoping this one last longer.
    • Nomula Rameshreddy
      Was very excited when i received this product
    • Kudamala shankar
      Just received this show storage case today. Bought it for my son's legos. Hes just started playing with them so will see how long they stay this organized.
    • Madhuri Reddy
      Would recommend this sturdy shoe storage for thos those people who are looking for more space in their room
    • Vijayan Bhaskar
      Very very rought product not buy
    • Killada Neelaveniveni
      Adjustability and solid shape makes this worth the money compared to the soft versions. Used for shoes.
    • Shyamala Ramakrishnan
      I don't like this products
    • Godly peterSimon
      All the sections made it pretty easy to find the lego parts we?re looking for. I raised the couch just a bit so we can slide this bin under it.
    • Jakir Hussain
      The whole structure is much sturdier than I thought it'd be and I've had no issues as all in the almost two months that I've had it and I use it almost every single day. It is a good size for the average person's shoe needs
    • Deepak Yh
      Took a chance on this product even though it didn?t have many reviews and I?m so glad I did. Ordered several under bed shoe organizers including the Hokosoko Choice option and ones with hundreds of reviews
    • NKrishna Krishna
      We are keeping it in his room under his bed away from 1 yo sibling
    • Harish Sugandhi
      just a smarter way to go about it and definitely necessary if you have a lot of shoes/plan on expanding your shoe collection like me.
    • Nagaraj Bakale
      I expected a more durable holder. It does not fit the amount of shoes they say as they are not counting heels or any type of bulky shoe. Mine fit 9 pairs. I will not repurchase another one.
    • Gayathri Srikanth
      The base is sturdy the sides are sturdy and I love that you pick and choose how to organize your shoes with the Velcro inserts
    • Pramod Jahagirdar
      Just as the picture !!! As soon as I got it I organised my footwear into it .
    • Hema Lata
      Nice color n fabric inside..
    • Nasir Surve
      A must buy n worth every penny
    • Kiran Lotake
      Good product...very useful for people havinv multiple pairs of footwear and not enough space to store them well.
    • Banti Behera
      thin n flimsy.. Footwear does not get mixed with one another...."
      "Excellent pouch... Very sturdy unlike the earlier ones I bought which were poor
    • Jaseera Noushad
      I think I can put another of this on top of it. I will get another one for my booties."
      "The product is more sturdy than I had prevented. It takes little space under my bed
    • Kaavya Gera
      It is the best product..I had a lot of problem in organizing my shoes..This has solved my problem..
    • K l singal
      Very happy with this product. Has saved a lot of space for me plus keeps my sandals dust free
    • Tahmina Ahmed
      I was dusting my shoes. Sounds ridiculous. The Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer is pretty sturdy and
      "Just like the rest of my house


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